Summer Boots Or How To Look Like Rockstars?

grunge-summer-looksDo you feel as if sometimes you get hooked on a look and just can’t let it go? And despite those ”enough is enough” stares you get, you just can’t stop. Being the most ”fashion-romantically” unstable person (well I’m committed to fashion, just have a problem of sticking to one style) I get a new style crush just about every week. I live from crushes to crushes, it does tend to affect my finances, but other than that, I don’t see where the problem is. For the past 2 weeks now I’m obsessed with summer boots. Which may not even be summer boots per se, just boots you wear in summer. Not a trend, not a must-have look for 2013, not the latest fad round the block – yet The Summer Boots Look is at the top of my list this week. From posh heeled ankle boots to those grunge looking designs – these shoes, when paired with a summer outfit (read cutoffs or flirty dresses) turn any girl into one of those off-duty models or hot celebs spotted hiding behind shades in the coolest most effortless outfits. I do think this boho / grunge look is having a sort of comeback (still) due to all this punk inspired & 90’s fashion revival. Besides, the weather is more than helpful, I mean one minute it’s summer, next we’re all in autumn, so a pair of boots to keep your feet warm might just be the best thing this season. At least until the weather makes up its mind. How easy is it to style boots into a summer look, though? Have we all gone mad in here with these autumn grunge styles in summer? (remember black trend for 2013 summer?) Or are we that inpatient? summer-boots-looksThe secret to donning boots in summer is to make it look effortless, as if you literally just don’t give a damn and those boots were the 1st thing you found when leaving the house in a rush, regardless of what you’re wearing. And the styles you can play with are a dime a dozen. So if you want to get a smart sophisticated glam look go for those stiletto heeled ankle boots (peep-toe or not) in black, for a super sleek style,  or funky colors for more chicness. They look amazing with pencil skirts and blazers, or those floaty, silky maxi dresses and a leather jacket. Shorts or mini skirts can also do the trick and add more sexiness to it all. boots-summer-dressboots-in-summer-style-cutoffsglamorous-boots-summer-looksummer-ankjle-boots-looknicky_hilton-summer-bootsAnother sophisticated look, but more on the comfy side, rather boho-chic actually, is given by those suede ankle boots in light shades with or without a block heel. They look fantastic with floral mini dresses, cutoffs and cool tops and can adapt to any look you’re going for: feminine, bohemian, cool, fun… Think off duty model going to a music festival or spotted in Paris after leaving a fashion show. streetstyle-boots-summer-2013ankle-boots-dress-summer-lookboots-in-summerboots-summer-trendbrown-boots-dress-summer-lookcoachella-black-shorts-bootsny-elle-com-beigesummer-boots-lookAnd speaking of music festivals and looks, what is the best style these events have given us? Why the glam grunge look of course: black or brown studded motorcycle boots and just about anything you want to wear. You can go for the most feminine glamorous clothes which will look fabulously cool when clashed with the rocknroll style of the boots. Again think models off duty or New York street style. Adapt and reinvent to your own mood and occasion and you’ll be looking pretty hipster without trying.  studded-summer-bootsarizona-muse-summer-bootsboots-in-summer-lookboots-look-cotoffs-summer-2013boots-street-style-summerKarlie kloss-summer-boots-dressstreets-style-boots-bare-legsstreets-style-boots-summer-trendstreets-style-summer-bootssummer-look-boots-skirtsummer-style-boots-cutoffssummer-look-boots-dressThere’s just something plain cool & chic about bare legs and boots, and I think we can just fuck all the fashion trend rules on this one and go with the vibe of the moment. We do it for Coachella and the likes of it, why not on a regular day? If not to keep our feet warm in case of showers then just to channel our inner off duty model persona. And to think a few years ago I hated boots (for summer)… and could not imagine a hot season in other shoes than sandals & flip flops… I guess inconsistencies like these make us us explore fashion more and try out different looks. Some stick some don’t, but fashion is all about having fun and experimenting. Right?