We all love to watch old black and white Italian movies where we can see those amazingly looking women walking down the street looking gorgeous. And we do wish just a little bit to be like them as well, but sometimes we just can’t understand what it takes to look like a real Italian lady.

Well, I was lucky! I managed to get a few basic, but truly best fashion tips from real contemporary Italian women who agreed to share their secrets! And of course, bellow you will find them all!

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Build your outfit around one statement piece
Italian women really know how to pull a slightly extravagant but truly fashionable look, and they achieve that by starting their outfit from one statement piece.That can be either the top with tons of ruffles or some bright colored pants which catch the eye and create visual interest like no other piece of your outfit.

It can also be accessories like huge earrings, shoes or a purse. But the rule is that you should keep just one bold item while others are more neutral and quiet. This way you will not overshadow that one incredible piece you have and achieve real Italian style as well!

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Don’t hesitate to invest in high-quality basic wardrobe elements
Forget about buying cheap clothing that will last for one season. Better start investing in classical and essential wardrobe elements that are high-quality and will last almost for the lifetime! Moreover, neutral-colored basics are definitely the ones to choose. Black pants, dresses, and white shirts and so on – all that should be in your wardrobe, and all of that should be in exquisite quality as well. If you have such clothing, you will never look cheap, always be able to mix and match perfectly and indeed look like a stylish and effortless woman.

Although, if investing sometimes can be a problem then check some of these JCPenney coupons and offers and get a discount on designer made clothing after a few clicks online. That will surely help you to keep up with this fashion tip!


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Don’t save that good stuff for special occasions
We all do the same thing – we tend to buy something special and cute and then save it for some special occasion that might never come! Don’t do that, say all Italian fashionistas – every day is your special occasion and you should celebrate your life by dressing up.

You might never get that special occasion you don’t even know when it will be and so never get a chance to show off those amazing jeans you bought! Celebrate life Italian-style and show the best of you every day no matter.


Good lingerie is essential
You can try to look like million bucks as much as you want, but will never achieve that if you wear bad undergarments underneath your expensive clothing. Therefore, if you really wish to take a good advice from Italian women then invest in good lingerie. Good undergarments will make your feel sexier, more confident and improve your posture as well.

So it always pays off to get rightly fitted intimates. After all, it will help you create that woman’s secret that nobody knows and which men found so attractive. Trust me!

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It is all about the glam
And finally, take notice that Italian women are not afraid of a little bit of sequins, glitter, or gemstones. In fact, this can be quite an excellent way to create a stylish look. But be careful and don’t go overboard with that.

Italian women believe that a woman should shine for every occasion whether it is with the help of a sequin skirt, a pair of cute glitter shoes, or big accessories. Just remember other rules above and match those glam pieces with more neutral ones for a sophisticated and elegant look even an Italian lady will envy you!


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  4. Biki says:

    Oh I love those D & G OAPs ( ; I have an Italian friend and she is so inspiring coz she really does own her sensuality…I know not every Italian woman is a livng breathing Monica Belluci, but my mate is really a close thing to that…and you’re right they are all about glamour…even to go to the groceries, out comes the red lippy, very inspiring! ( :

  5. Sloane Beck says:

    Really great tips. I always love Italian beauty and style. Italians are well known for their attention of dressing-up well. I just love your idea.

  6. Andreea Dragoescu says:

    That was inspiring and it properly summons the classy Italian spirit right here and now! Thanks for the good tips!


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