Style Guide for the Modern-Day Working Mom

Despite the fact that society has become more hectic, it’s still important for mothers to maintain an aura of confidence and beauty. And no matter how tedious and stressful your job might be, you still have to end the day looking your best. You just have to wear the right threads when you enter the office.

Then again, anyone can say how difficult it is to be fashionable even if you’re a working mom. Whether you have an online business or you work at an office, you can’t seem to find time to update your wardrobe with the right office clothes. Fortunately, there are practical and creative ways of looking put-together even if you’re neck-deep in office work.

1. Blouse 

When it comes to finding the right top, you should always opt for something that’s both eye-catching and comfortable. After all, you want to be as productive as you can get, so breathable cotton fabrics are always a great option. And since you want something a little more professional, go for white or grey blouses that are light and allow for unhindered movement around the office.

2. Maternity dresses

In the modern workplace having a child has to be a challenge since you will have to keep working up until the later stages of pregnancy. This also applies to surrogate mothers, in which case you might want to click here if you want to know more about this option. But if you’re expecting a baby, you might want to choose maternity dresses that are professional-looking yet unrestrictive. For this, find a long blue or white tunic, preferably a button-up which goes well with a lace jacket. Speaking of which… 

3. Jackets

Selecting the right jacket, whether or not you’re pregnant, is sometimes akin to a minefield. There are cases when the shoulders are a bit broad or the waist is just too darn slim. To be safe, though, make sure you wear a jacket that’s the right fit. You also have to consider the weather, so you might want to consider a neutral, cotton blazer. The trick here is to go for one that fits you well without focusing too much on the price tag. 

4. Skirts and pants 

Of course, you can’t complete your wardrobe without choosing the best bottoms that match whatever’s on top. That being said, pencil skirts are always a corporate staple whether you’re wearing a sleeveless blouse or a sweater. When it comes to pants, it’s a good rule of thumb to choose a color that’s of a darker shade than your top. So, if you’re wearing a khaki blazer, you might as well wear chinos that are not too light.

5. Accessories

Lastly, when it comes to accessories, it’s always best not to overdo it. For this, it’s always a great idea to be as minimal as possible. Pearls are a classic choice to wear around your neck, and for your earrings opt for medium-sized ones that will really catch attention. You might also want to wear a silver wristwatch and two or three bracelets, so people can tell you mean business!