When Streets Turn Into Catwalks! New York Fashion Week 2014 Fall.

2014-NYFW-streetstyle-best-dressed-3 This is a post on and for fashion addicts. Yes chicas this is STREET STYLE at New York Fashion Week. Cause why the hell not, right?

I mean seriously if I see one more thing about the inherent holiday frenzy (yes Valentine’s Day, I’m looking at you) I swear I’ll turn sick. There’s only so much pink, reds, hearts, forced (or not) love, one can take.

I know yesterday I was preaching this, but give a girl the right excuse and she’ll turn it into fashion. So anyway, on braking the routine of the quite predictable week (yes more Valentine’s Day posts are to follow. What?) why not give in into some ridiculously lustful extravagant, exaggerated, avatgarde, fashion frenzy the street styles at FWs hold? Ding2014-fall-FashionWeek-NY-st streetstyle Though I haven’t yet seen all collections, I wonder if the trends on the streets match the ones preached by designers?

Not for this season, for the next. Cause you know, if the creme de la creme of the fashion world is not precocious, I don’t know who is. Well… when you’re rich and famous, or are the biggest editor/PR or fashion blogger, that’s not very difficult, more so, wearing the newest of the new comes with the job description. off-duty-models-NYFW-2014-f 2014-NYFW-streetstyle 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-20 Trends ON & OFF Runways? 

  • Oversized seemed to be a huge look on the runways. Streets stuck to it.
  • Socks in sight with heels, sandals and any shoe will be massive, and the the gurus know it. And did it.
  • Extremes are still in, so basically ALL is still IN. Grungy black, dark looks live happily and side by side with an explosion of colors, prints, patters in the most wild, funky mixes ever.
  • Red lips rule man.
  • So do the details that make a look: bags, funky stilettos or weird shoes. Nails. Hats. Face Masks.
  • 90s accents, a bit of 70s. So yeah basically retro inspo is still a thing.

And now… let us marvel at how the gurus do it… :) 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-1 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-2 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-3 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-4 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-5 (2) 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-5 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-6 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-7 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-8 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-11 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-12 winter-street-style-Fashion-week what-to-wear-to-FW models-off-duty-2014-NYFW-streetstyle miroslava-duma-2014-NYFW-streetstyle military-style-2014-NYFW-streetstyle blogger-2014-NYFW-streetstyle chic-2014-NYFW-streetstyle bloggers-2014-NYFW-streetstyle best-dressed-2014-NYFW-streetstyle-1 best-dressed-2014-NYFW-streetstyle 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-best-dressed-1 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-shoes 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-17 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-editors 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-22 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-13 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-14 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-best-dressed-5 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-24 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-best-dressed-32 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-bloggers 2014-NYFW-streetstyle-details streetstyle-2014fall-NYFW streetstyle-at-NYFW-2014 street-style-at-fashion-wee NYfashionWeek-streetstyle NYFW-streetstyle-best-dress Fashion is simply getting better and better, dismissing all rules, effing all conformities and praising what actually matters: personal style. Show me your take on a certain trend. Or if you hate them all, do your own shit. Give a big fuck to all that’s not you and experiment, wear whatever the hell you love. Be vibrant and cool. And always, always have fun. That’s what it’s all about.

Enough rambling. Who the hell died and made me a preacher anyway?

photos via style.com, vogue.com, Marieclaire, by Tommy Ton.