Talk about a ‘going back to basics’ this year with fashion! If anyone had told my mom, my grandma, or Jane Birkin (please observe the on point style hierarchy) that 40 something years later – the straw bags they so effortlessly and style unconsciously paraded around their arms every single day for school, shopping, jobs or pickings WILL be back in fashion… pffff… *that my friend would have been a bet worth making.

Back in the day they wore straw bags anywhere basically, not just the beach, as the fashion norm dictated not until too long ago.

What has changed in 50 years?

And what has changed in the last 10 years maybe – so much –  that we decided to take the classic beach straw bags to the city, to dates, to parties, to work?

Who is to blame for the rise of straw bags beyond their classic casual status?

Part fashion cycle, part designers, part our lust for simple style things these days, or so it feels. I mean, with the minimalist 2018 summer and all.

First of all anything that was once cool fashion wise will 100% come back to haunt and delight us. That is a fact.

More so… whatever designers love we’re bound to follow. And this season they love anything wicker, raffia, woven, rattan.

And then it’s us mortals, VIPS, and souls of fashion who make it all happen. With the rise of summer style, culture of laid back weekends, globetrotting, traveling, leisure, coastal styles – women loooooove the laid back look, the casual luxe style that comes with/or mimics either french style or a rich life. Or both.

Everyone these days is like kicking it back on a beach, yacht, or sexy destination somehow.

*raises hand*

“I’d like to know how that is possible please! (leave thoughts and tips in the comments below.) Thank you.’

And also everyone these days falls more for simplicity rather than opulence. Or at least post 30. So then… it makes sense we kinda fall hard for a bag that’s a straw bag.

Classic straw bags:



How to wear straw bags and where?

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm… like is it okay if I show up in wicker for work? Can I wear a straw clutch to a wedding? Is there even such a thing?

I’m guessing running errands, shopping, picnic, beach, dinners, lunches, brunches et all are fine.

So what is the social courtesy of straw bags?

Personally, I’m all for fuck rules and wear whatever the hell you want, as long as it’s not white on a wedding day, you know, that sort of stuff.

But the casualness of straw bags is in fact pretty cool for both the actual casual situations as well as more sophisticated ones, because the clashing of styles makes it all look more fashion savvy.

Besides – wicker, raffia, and straw bags these days are not limited to those styles of the past. In fact, they’re so chic and quite elegant some, that they do look amazing worn with suits, dresses, or office outfits. They add a bit of summer character to a look.

However, as ‘anything works with anything’ as things may be these days, straw bags look best worn with:

  • linen outfits
  • summer floral dresses
  • casual jumpsuits
  • monochromatic white, black, yellow, orange looks
  • denim
  • midi retro dresses
  • polka dots
  • flirty shorts
  • oversized summer clothes
  • nude taupe clothes
  • safari inspired looks

On the ‘where to’ side: start with casual situations, wear straw bags to a brunch, then take it to a picnic, and then slowly transition it to a Friday office day, a date lunch, and so on.

Street style:


Shop my fave straw bags:



xoxo D.



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