Everyone please take a step back to almost those 2000s (NOOOOO!), reassess, and basically strip off all sleeves, strips, bras, tees, and parade in naked shoulders, backs and half backs. If life alone would’t be so confusing I wouldn’t have a problem with fashion being one thing today and the opposite tomorrow, BUT in my case, it seems it’s all so intertwined I don’t know what’s real and what’s not anymore. From human behaviours, all the way to trendy looks, it’s all changing. It’s hot then it’s cold, it’s cool, than it’s not. Uhhh. Of course life is more beautiful when all is calm and happy-predictable, and it’s all rainbows, and friends, and love, and pink moods, and background music.

However, in fashion it’s the opposite. The more this bitch is inconsistent the more we’ve got stuff to work with, and create, and explore. A minute ago we were talking turtlenecks, and boyfriend tees, BUT 2015 spring and summer, as all hot seasons before them and after them, is sprinkled with a bit of femininity and sexy. Tasteful this time.

STRAPLESS anything is the epiphany of summer. It don’t even gotta be a trend per se, it’s just basically a look, that, if you ask me, we should bring back ASAP.


Nothing, I repeat, nothing, say it with me ‘NOTHING’ is sexier than a pair of bare shoulders, long necks and bare backs. From having them exposed and naked in strapless dresses, to simple tops, blouses, jumpsuits, rompers… as long as they reveal those collar bones – you’ve done the right outfit pick.

Today it’s all about loose tops and intricate blouses, or cropped things, but I am really considering making a case for the above look, because it’s effortless and a strapless item can go from very polished sexy, to casual, boho chic.

strapless-style-summer-trend-16 strapless-style-summer-trend-8 strapless-style-summer-trend-19

The only risk it holds, is borderline 2000s tacky, think Christina Aguillera or Britney Spears back in the day, but this can be avoided by going for slouchy, floral, oversized strapless blouses for example, 70s bohemian, and also by sticking to expensive looking fabrics, prints and colours. Avoid children-colors – those washed out popsicle yellows or blues in jersey fabrics paired with tight cutoffs. NO. NO. NO.

Bodysuit inspired strapless tops, aka the former corsets, can also be tricky, BUT if you pair them with bermuda shorts, boyfriend jeans, slouchy cutoffs, pencil skirts, high waisted bottoms – you will nail a fantastic strapless style.

Avoid anything too dated, and chose either retro chic, vintage cool, OR very polished modern strapless items.

strapless-style-summer-trend-7 strapless-style-summer-trend-9 strapless-style-summer-trend-15

Strapless jumpsuits are a fantastic way to do this trend in a very grown-up-trendy-sexy-incredibly-sophsiticated way. In any colour, solids, basics, or wild prints, strapless jumpsuits with a square cut, a V-cut, or a heart-cut paired with high heels make an amazing evening cocktail outfit, OR can be office appropriate if you don a blazer on top.

strapless-jumpsuit-trend-summer-2015-2 strapless-style-summer-trend-4

Strapless dresses will forever be a thing, regardless of me wanting to kill or praise the bare shoulders trend. If you ask me nothing is sexier than a strapless, over-the-knee bodycon dress. For 2015 hot season, strapless maxi dresses look brilliant.

strapless-maxi-dress-trend-summer-2015-1 strapless-style-summer-trend-10 strapless-style-summer-trend-11

Another 2015 major strapless trendy look is the white lace off-the-shoulders-blouse worn with denim cutoffs or boyfriend jeans, AND the cropped strapless top, which is great for a casual chic spring weekend style.

strapless-outfits-summer-trend-2 strapless-style-summer-trend-120 strapless-jumpsuit-trend-summer-2015-1 strapless-looks strapless-style-summer-trend-1 strapless-style-summer-trend-2 strapless-style-summer-trend-3 strapless-style-summer-trend-5 strapless-style-summer-trend-6 strapless-style-summer-trend-12 strapless-style-summer-trend-13

strapless-style-summer-trend-109 strapless-style-summer-trend-123 strapless-style-summer-trend-190 strapless-style-summer-trend-1987 strapless-top-trend-summer-2015-1 strapless-tops strapless-trend-summer-2015-1 strapless-trend-summer-2015-2

It might not be all so bad after all – having to deal with inconsistency you know. It keeps us on our toes, and helps us get creative rather than chase trends. In fashion it’s really all a blessing. In life… don’t get me started.

Too early in the week for riddles and guessing, SO I say let’s all chuck it in the bucket and live a little in naked shoulders and bare free-to-kiss necks. How can we do that? By wearing anything strapless.

Get the look:

Strapless mesh top – Style Stalker 

Strapless top – CAMEO

Strapless jumpsuit – Michael Kors

Strapless dress – Black Halo

Strapless Maxi Dress – BCBGMAXAZRIA

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