Are Statement Earrings Cool Again?!

No, I have not lost my mind (#debatable) nor my passion for luxe and opulence. So we can all breath and relax while adding more bling to our looks. However, I have simmered down bling wise a little bit (3 rings instead of 10, 1 bracelet, 3 thin necklaces instead 10 chunky ones, hoop statement earrings instead of chandelier), but I’m a girly girl through and through so I’m not giving up that stuff.

Fashion has been more about fun, flirty, and sophisticated accessories lately, and if we’re to give the crown to the pieces that took over our hearts lately it’s time to give it up to statement earrings and chokers.

The rest can go to hell, or to sleep, we’re doing good here. I’m keeping my rings though.


What statement earrings are trendy again this season?

Statement earrings are back, and they’re more daytime friendly which means they focus more of cool edgy designs rather than size. Funky fabrics, styles, patters, asymmetry, mismatched, mix of materials – it’s all pretty new and reinvented and it all looks very grown-up and chic and very office appropriate for example.

Today I’m wearing this pair of resin red drop tiny earrings, which I’ve worn for 6 days in a row, because they’re just simple and pretty with a twist. They’re not too big, they’re fun, they’re appropriate for all situations, and they look good.

And the story behind them is even better.





And then I’m also wearing these yellow tassel statement earrings which were a challenge for me – first time in my life I wore tassel earrings, but I loved them. That playfulness and pop of colour was just what my boring and so simple outfit needed.

And they too have a great story behind.

What is the story of my statement earrings? 

Funny you should ask. One of the perks and the blessings of what I do is that I reach out to a lot of people, who I wouldn’t get the chance to talk to otherwise, so when one of Fashion Tag’s very talented readers, Romy form Flowers Over Ice gifted me with these earrings and a fab choker that’s here on my Instagram, and that I’ll share with you soon on blog – I was impressed, humbled, and so happy. She is a fantastic designer and a lover of fashion who understands that great style comes more from accessories rather than clothes per se.

I believe that the right accessory can change one’s outfit completely and brighten your mood and your day and via Flowers Over Ice I aim to bring fresh, fashionable accessories that are also classy with a hint of glam, that stand out and accentuate one’s personal style. (Romy – Flowers Over Ice)

That feeling you get when there’s new stuff in the mail for you is priceless. It’s only topped by how fab the content is, and it was, hence me parading the red raisins statement earrings there entire last week, and the choker already booked for some Friday night out.

It was a very and hectic weekend but I managed to squeeze in a few moments for myself and take some photos of how beautiful these earrings are.

Enjoy the pics and let me know if you like them!




Use code THEFASHT1017 for 10% discount – Flowers Over Ice!!!

I am wearing: Earrings Flowers Over Ice | Zara boots | Bershka Jeans | Zara Trench Coat | Coton T-shirt | H&M sunglasses | Italian Bag

{Photos by Cosmin Straut}

xoxo D.