Green With Envy, Are You?!

If you think I’m slightly losing it with these posts on one-colour outfits, you’re right. I think I am. But I don’t really see a problem here, quite the opposite actually. I literally feel as if I just feel into a bucket of sartorial fashion with all these ideas I now have on dressing monochromatic in shades of whatever colour the mood strikes one day.

Expect A LOT of drama, randomness, and mood swinging based on colour, from my part. So, no bitching y’all. You’ve been warned.

One thing I’ve learned over the fabulous and not so fabulous years of my fashion life is to never say never, and drop any fucking preconceived ideas about wearing this or that. Add my native inconsistency to this, and my quite seldom impulse of getting bored too quickly and I’m a walking recipe for dementia. STYLE wise. Jesus, what d’you think?

I understand you though. I too would pretend I didn’t know me.

So here I am like a sinner back to her repenting moments, turning with a heart full of love to the once I could not stand colour: GREEN. Ha!

green-outfits green-streetstyle green7

Is this colour a trend though in 2015 Spring & Summer? Frankly I think so, because this summer seems to be all about electric colours and nudes. BTW, I’ll get to those next week. I feel this hot season the ‘all is in’ couldn’t be more real and true, with a case of fresh, vivid electric colours taking front stage.

Sure, all green outfits tend to make us look like giant green insects, or like freshly squeezed fruits and vegetable. Juices alert! Blue outfits, par example, tend to look more royal, rich, refined, but GREEN outfits I always thought looked a little well… weird. (for lack of better word). Retro. Slightly basic, but borderline chic. Cold. Definitely hard to pull off.

I mean, how many people do you know look great in green? Uhhhhhh… well, except for me, I don’t know anybody. *joke* It is perhaps exactly because I have a hard time pulling off this colour that I’m biased. But, as with any trend or look it’s all about finding the best fit for you, and thank God green comes in so many shades.

street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-1 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-2 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-3 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-4 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-7 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-8

Remember few years back when mint was the #1 craze? I. Hated. That. Trend. Mint? Seriously? But, of course I bought a pair of mint jeans, cause they were on sale and my bum happened to look great in those. So… moving on. In my defence I still have a  hard time putting outfits together with those.

BUT, with an open mind and a desire to cure my green-sensitivity I have purchased a green silky cami top for summer. One step at a time y’all.

Of course I tried wearing it one night when I went out for drinks, with a pair of skinnies, stiletto ankle boots, and a massive golden chocker, but my skin looked washed out. So… I’m just gonna wait until summer, when the sun smooches me a little bit and plays up my chocolate skin. In my case, it’s the only way I can pull off green.

street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-11 Street-Style-Outfit-Inspiration-When-Hot-Summer

Eventually I’m well aware of my biased approach here, and it really is to each their own. The best thing about having an obsession over one colour is trying its infinite shades (mint, neon green, bright electric green, military green), and different clothes and accessories in this colour.

If you ask me, which I know you don’t, but I’m gonna tell you anyway: green looks best with white, and blue. Green and blue are the BEST colour blocking out there. Green and blue are the BEST colour blocking out there. I know I said that twice, just wanted to make sure you got it.

street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-5 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-14 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-17

With so many ignoramus out there, struggling to conceal their outfit-envy towards us sartorial gurus, I say let’s drape ourselves in GREEN, let’s dress to kill, and cause some more drama around us. We’re fucking giant green insects aren’t we?

And now the rest of the street style inspo…

street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-9 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-10 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-12 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-13 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-15 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-16 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-18 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-19 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-20 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-21 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-25 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-27 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-123 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-198 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-1234 street-style-green-outftis-spring-looks-14655 street-style-green-outftis-summer-looks-1 street-style-green-outftis-summer-looks-2 street-style-green-outftis-summer-looks-3 street-style-green-outftis-summer-looks-4 street-style-green-outftis-summer-looks-5 street-style-green-outftis-summer-looks-6 street-style-green-outftis-summer-looks-7 street-style-green-outftis-summer-looks-8 street-style-green-outftis-summer-looks-9

Get the GREEN look here:

Have a great week lovelies! xoxo