‘True BLUE, Baby I Love You!’

If there’s one thing this spring is doing to me is it’s literally making me quite nostalgic over God knows what, and really pushing me towards my sensitive self and deeper side, which, aside from having me day-dream with my head in the clouds and bumping into trees on my way to somewhere, is quite great.

So even the most basic spring look has me going miles, and miles, and miles, and miles overboard with moods and thoughts that have or have no common ground to the look per se.

When yesterday I stole one hour out of my day to have a stroll through some shops and see what else is new out there, for the first time in my life I was genuinely pleased to see so many shades of blue.

Explanation: My name is Dana and I used to be not very fond of blue. 

baby-blue-look baby-blue-looks blue-clothes-summer-looks blue-clothes

If BLUE outfits and clothes are a thing this spring, is not even important. Though, truth be told I happen to think alongside greens, nudes and orange, blue is having its major moment in 2015 spring. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. *sing it y’all. What matters is that they look great, so why not turn blue looks into this spring’s trend.

‘Blue velvet. Bluer than velvet were her eyes.’ 

Okay, enough daydreaming for this post. Let’s get down and dirty. I mean blue. Something about this colour is absolutely stunning, and coming from me THAT is a major statement.

A blue jacket, a blue top, dress, or skirt against any other colour looks stunning, and has a quality of fresh but luxurious quite refined vibe to it. Blue looks rich. It can look sophisticated, elegant, Mediterranean style (blues & whites).

blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-1 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-3 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-5

How To Wear BLUE?

As an-all-blue-outfit! Cause draping yourself in head to toe blues is so so chic. Cobalt blue can look so rich and powerful it’s a major statement. For spring and summer though, if you’re more on the girly, uber feminine muted colours side, you can do light blue, pastel blue, with or without splashes of dark blue, turquoise, or cobalt.

An all baby-blue-outfit would look amazing with a cobalt blue messenger bag hanging so effortlessly on your shoulder.

blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-6 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-9 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-13 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-14 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-22 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-15 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-18

With summer right around the corner any blue item in any blue shade is simply perfect. Sends us right to the blue blue sky and turquoise oceans. sigh. Told you I have a case of nostalgia these days.

blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-27 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-29 spring-street-style-blue-looks-6 spring-street-style-blue-looks-9

If however looking like you fell into a bucket of blue paint is not right down your street, but still feel love for the royal shade, limit yourself to one item. It will make a statement. More subtle, but it will hold the same femininity and power to it.

Blue bags, combat blue or baby blue classic pumps, a pastel blue skirt with a boxy top, a dark blue summer dress, a turquoise bathing suit, a cobalt blue leather jacket… Oh. My. God.

blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-2 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-8 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-10 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-19 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-21

Also before I go, one more thing (or maybe a couple): blue clothes tend to look more expensive and wearing cobalt blue outfits against bold lips is one helluva look. Wearing baby-blues with a nude-au-naturel inspired makeup is beyond perfection.

I’m telling you I am seriously obsessed with this colour right now, so much that I’m seeing blue, I am being a little blue these days, and I’m singing all these blue songs. Hello, the title! And then Lana’s version of Blue velvet. *major crush*. And now it hit me: Cindy Lauper’s – ‘I see your true colours…’. Well, not blue per se, but I see them nonetheless. #justsaying

Inspo pics…

blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-11 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-12 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-20 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-24 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-25 blue-outfits-spring-trend-2015-26 blue-outfits blue-streetstyle spring-blue-outfits spring-street-style-blue-looks-1 spring-street-style-blue-looks-2 spring-street-style-blue-looks-3 spring-street-style-blue-looks-4 spring-street-style-blue-looks-5 spring-street-style-blue-looks-8 spring-summer-looks-blue spring-trend-blue wearing-blue-spring-style

Get the look:

Okay, I’m off to take my medication now, before I turn completely blue. You may or may not ignore my rant, OR you may feel free to share down below yours. Blue related or not. xoxo