Spring 2017 Fashion Trends. What Colors To Wear This Spring?

Blue or green, red or orange, white or black? In case you’re wondering (and even if you’re not) what spring 2017 fashion trends and color trends are hot, I will tell you: all of them! Is that great or what? On one hand it’s great because it’s a safe ticket to getting it right if you are a trendy person, but on the other hand if you’re more of a fashion headless chicken (did somebody call me or something?) well then… welcome to the hell of all hells, also known as ‘too many options’. Let’s take a moment now to get over the panic.

If there’s one thing that could sum up my fashion life up to now it’d be black. All black. All the time. And sometimes, when I’d feel slightly adventurous I’d pop in a dash of white, or maybe red on really really really cheeky days, and felt like I did such a major style statement. Anyway… this past year I realised I’ve been more prone to color. In fact, I’ve traded my black jacket for an orange puffer, and felt good about it. I gave in to red and kinda fell for it. And I recently started a sartorial affair with nudes. This one I plan to continue until I die.

Therefore…. I think I could get used to 2017 spring fashion trends, an explosion of colors to be more precise. When it comes to 2017 fashion trends women we’re pretty much given the same cards. It’s our style personas that make them different each season. And today I plan on giving us tons of colourful spring 2017 fashion trends  outfit inspo + a doze of my fave picks for you. Therefore,  here are the 2017 Spring Fashion Color trends.

1. All the BLUES.

Sing your blues this spring cause it goes with the fashion. From dark blues like the deep blue sea (great! now I need a holiday by the sea), and cobalt royal blues, to baby pastel blue – all shades of the sky and the sea are IN. Electric blue or dusty powdered shades, in head-to-toe blue outfits or just one blue item – they’re all a winning style ticket in spring 2017 fashion trends book.


Spring 2017 Fashion Trends Spring 2017 Fashion Trends Spring 2017 Fashion Trends Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Shop for my fave blue pieces below:

2. GREENS. #envymebitch

Khaki is a major trend for spring 2017 fashion trends situation, so we have that going on for us. Then, with the 80’s trend coming on strong – more daring green outfits in vibrant green shades will come into life. It’s not for everyone I agree, but they look great in summer. If vibrant green ain’t your thing stick to the khaki style or the pastel greens to nail the spring 2017 fashion trends challenge.


Spring 2017 Fashion Trends Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Shop for my fave green pieces below:



Did I tell you about the 80s comeback into 2017 fashion trends women? Every woman I know had a purple/fuchsia outfit back in day. If not, she was rocking a purple or bright pink lipstick, or some dangling pink earrings. In any case, these purple, pink, fuchsia shades ruled their outfits. Now they’re back, and I am slightly cringing here. (1) I can work with purple, it’s royal, decadent, it can look great. Not on me. But on others it looks great. (2) Fuchsia? I can’t. It looks amazing but hurts my eyes too much. It’s like colors decided to scream in my face.  Also, vibrant shades of fuchsia and purple tend to look vulgar and maybe tacky a bit. Yes, please hate me now.

I love pastel pink though. And fuchsia lipstick. Thats’ gotta count for something right?


Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Shop for my fave purple & fuchsia pieces below:



Now we’re talking. Isn’t orange like the best color ever? It compliments almost any skin tone, and makes you think of oranges, which are healthy, hence this is a very healthy color. It also fits with the activewear trend and sporty outfits which are still a 2017 fashion trends women massive thing, but orange can also sit for a casual fun flirty even statement color. Therefore, I proclaim orange the winning color card of spring 2017 fashion trends contest.


Shop for my fave orange pieces below:


5. RED.

Red is only like the most beautiful and powerful color in the world. It screams confidence and sex-appeal. In fact, it’s so hot and sophisticated and refined at them same time it’s a winning ticket in any situation, whether you go all out on red or just wear one red item. It works on every style, skin tone, and looks amazing in clothes, accessories and makeup as well.


Shop for my fave red pieces below:



Hello! It’s spring, of course whites are in. We were rocking them in winter, it’d be silly to stop wearing white in sunny weather. White outfits look fresh, luxuriant, rich, sophisticated, sporty or glam, or both. The only downside is it gets easily dirty, so it needs extra care. Whites look amazing paired with any color. It’s the perfect color combo, and firs runner in the spring 2017 fashion trends race.


Shop for my fave white pieces below:



Errr… need I say more? When I don’t know what to wear, when I have 0 sartorial clues, when I know exactly what to wear, when I want to look sharp, sexy, cool, effortless, comfy, but chic – I wear black. This is pretty much 99% of the time. It’s easy to wear, it looks great, and you feel super put together no matter what outfit you actually wear as long as it’s black.


Shop for my fave black pieces below:



I love nudes. I used to not love nudes, but now I do. I think they’re the closest spring 2017 fashion trends item to achieving luxe and comfy in the same outfit. A great nude outfit that matches your skin tone, and has the perfect design and cut will look 1,000,000 times better than any of the above colors. I also love that you can mix and match nudes and it will look even more rich and sophisticated, but also calm and cozy and very warm. Paired with nude tone nails and bold lips – a nude outfit is pure perfection in any situation.


Shop for my fave nude pieces below:


Seems like ALL is IN has taken over 2017 fashion color trends, and that’s probably a great thing to watch evolve and join in.

Have a wonderful week my loves!