Can we dress 70s boho-chic but still look polished? Can we wear simple outfits but look sophisticated? Can we be TRENDY professional women, and not sit fads out when we’re behind boring desks? When you think about your day-to-day looks basically we’re all stuck in the same pile of crap: tops, skirts, pants, heels or flats and (still) coats. Bags or scarfs can add extra fashion-personality. Or jewellery can do that too. But it’s all been done before, and if not… getting outfit-creative at 7 a.m. can pretty much suck.

Can we have the cake and eat it too?


Doh. Who run the world? Girls. That we can do anything we put our minds to, is no news. Unless of course you’ve been living on Jupiter so far, then you’d better get your facts updated on this one. Dressing trendy, looking sophisticated, chic, worthy of any street-style pic, or magazine cover, AND still dressed like we’re the CEOs of some company, the president of our country, or the queens of the freaking world – IS a task no longer impossible. Not when we’re talking FRINGE TREND for 2015 SPRING.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa. (sing it. don’t read it.)

spring-trend-2015-fringe-skirt spring-trend-2015-fringe-dress

Fringes slapped on clothes or accessories have the magic power of looking trendy, AND versatile. So they can basically go from music-festival-style to office-hours-look. And ALL the styles in between. For ALL ages.

Fringes have been around for years. Hello, the roaring ’20s. They were tassels dancing around bodies. It was all rebel yet very very glamorous still. Later on, the 70s brought the fringe back into spotlight with a more bohemian-unglamorous-yet-incredibly-cool take. Fringes on suede jackets or skirts were huge.

Goddammit, I gotta go back to Woodstock now. I knew I shouldn’t have gone all 70s again. Confused? Read this.


Then 90s fringes were adorning our cropped T-shirts. remember that one? I used to LOVE it back then, and would wear my favourite fringe white tee with a pair of glittery blue leggings. Oh. My. God. Shut the front door. I was the fucking queen among my imaginary friends. I was also 12.


Today… centuries later, I am still struggling to put an end to my teen fashion (and sadly not only) impulses. I kinda had a guilty pleasure for fringed cropped tees even after the fad was way gone. Thank God it’s back this spring, and I can now literally drape myself in fringed and tasselled anything. Shoes, bags, tops, tees, skirts, dresses, necklaces, belts, bracelets, jackets, matching-sets. Heaven. I’m in heaven. C’mon sing with me y’all.

spring-trend-2015-fringe-looks-1 spring-trend-2015-fringe-dress-style spring-trend-2015-fringe-purse

Who’s wearing this trend? ANYONE. From my bestest bitch Ilana Glazer, to the posh and polished fashion editors, celebs and sartorial creme de la creme. Comes to show you, it’s the easiest trend to do because of its statement quality and easiness to blend into any look or style.

1broad-city-fashion-fringe-top street-style-spring-trend-2015-fringe-looks-3

How to wear it? I always say the shoes set the tone for the whole look. While fringes can look posh, chic, sporty, glam, edgy… they will always have the bohemian touch to them.

So keeping them boho-chic 70s style is one way to go about it. Fringes on: suede jackets, suede over-the-knee skirts, denim shirts, slouchy handbags. Bed-hair, long hair, middle part, round shades, gladiator sandals or moto boots, fur vest – complete such a look.


Chunky heels will make fringes on anything look 70s chic yet trendy-smart. It’s perfect for office, and even going out. Think coloured fringed skirts or dresses with a trench coat over. And of course chunky sandals on feet. Perfection.


Stiletto heels are the uniform of stylish sartorials that grace any street style pic from FW. I mean, stilettos can make a paper bag look like haute-couture, so… making fringes look posh and sophisticated is like… singing Beyonce in my sleep. Doh. Stiletto pumps or sandals look amazing with fringed knee-length skirts, with fringed mini skirts, or fringed coats.

spring-trend-2015-fringe-street-style-1 spring-trend-2015-fringe-street-style3 street-style-spring-trend-2015-fringe-looks-5 street-style-spring-trend-2015-fringe-looks-2 spring-trend-2015-fringe-style-2 spring-trend-2015-fringe-street-style

IF the fringed thing is too much, too tangled, too tasselled, too ruffled for you, YET you don’t wanna sit this one out – here’s what you can do. Wear FRINGE accessories. 


Fringe bags or fringe clutches are massive this season. So are fringe jewerly: bracelets, necklaces, belts… Anything that moves, tassels and dances like nobody’s watching, and is adorning your clothes or accessories is a keeper.

spring-trend-2015-fringe-looks-2 spring-trend-2015-fringe-street-style-2 Street Style - Day 4 - New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 spring-trend-2015-fringe-bag

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll just go chop off all my clothes into fringes cause I gotta stay fly, you know.

Get the FRINGE look down below:

So what do you think about this trend: YES or NO? Let’s talk.


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  3. Lena Sarge says:

    I’m so in love with fringe right now. Just bought a fringe bag from Laudi Vidni in Chicago. It was custom so I got to choose the leather it was made in.

    Need to find some cute fringe heels now!


  4. My Wear Forecast says:

    Love, love, love this post. And the photo selection is just great!!! I was looking for a street style pic with fringes for a Pinterest board, but it seems I’ll be flooding my feed with fringes now :)))



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