#DownTheBlock: How To Wear A Sports Top Anywhere?

Taking an afternoon short trip during a hot summer Saturday means two things for me: 1) occasion to pig out on food cause when you’re on the road it doesn’t count, and 2) making sure you’re decent, style wise speaking (uhm, does wearing a sports top count?) in case blogger mood aka taking photos  kicks in.

For a while now – as I’ve already confessed in some of my other posts – I’m more prone to minimalism, and keeping it simple rather than messing around in wild funky prints and too busy clothes. So I tried to stay away from my too-much-condition, except for those hoops – I can’t give them up for the love of me, and I wore a sort of minimal black outfit, very casual with a sporty vibe, and not too much else going on.

A labyrinth of streets, and deserted supermarkets, and old forgotten times – they were our background and canvas, a beautiful disturbing clash of old and new, of poor versus richer, of doing nothing in the hot summer sun on a regular Saturday afternoon. Kids having ice-cream, old men smoking their cigars and drinking beer, laughing and happy,  teens living love stories down the block, weekend mechanics fixing old cars, girls talking too loud. Cars slowly driving by with windows topped down and loud music on the radio.

Self-challege: how to wear a sports top anywhere while practicing minimalism?

#DownTheBlock Look: my sports top from Bershka (never wore it before, so it was a great thing to break it now) paired with an asymmetrical pocket skirt from H&M that is perfect for office wear in fact, and white sneakers. I had to do the hoops, cause #BeYou, and the top-knot cause I was just too lazy to bother with anything prettier.

Here we go:


sports top

sports top sports top sports top

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Photos by Cosmin Straut.