I’ll Have Spaghetti, Please!

1Before you start drooling on yourself, STOP. This is not a food post, although it could be. No. If life has taught me one thing it’s that you can’t have the cake and eat it too.

Or can you?! tumblr_m5jdulVfFj1ruwh42o1_500Can we have a ridiculously delicious dish of spaghetti and wear spaghetti straps as well? You know, those thin straps that look incredibly feminine and are ’90’s reminiscent on all possible cami styles whether tops or dresses? And more often than not requite skinny arms?

Yeah. Those are the spaghetti suckers we’re talking about today. spaghetti-strap-cami-topSo if spaghetti straps are only thin & toned arms friendly, how the hell did they make a massive comeback? Am I missing something or is the whole world a walking model runway? Or maybe, we love fashion a bit too much, to care. Yes, I’ll go with this one, because you see, spaghetti straps are hard to say NO to, hence their massive comeback. Designers sent models down the runway for 2014 – 2015 Autumn/Winter in long dresses with spaghetti straps resembling goth/grungy/romantic dolls. And that’s for next season. wethepeople_streetstyle_claire_karlaspeticangelina-jolie-spaghetti-strap-cami-dressBut why wait, right? Truth is, once the hot season is in, so are thin fabrics, light colors, shorter hems, and thinner straps. Beach tops and dresses look much better with feminine delicate tiny straps rather than the opposite, and there’s just something soooo carelessly sexy about a silky piece of cloth just hanging off  a tanned back. spaghetti-strap-summer-dress (4)And don’t get me started on those silk tops with spaghetti straps that loosely hang off toned skinny shoulders and look amazing paired with office trousers, pencil skirts or jeans. For a very feminine rich and luxuriant yet casual look wear your silk spaghetti strap top with the same color bottom. Best looks are: all white, all cream, all black. But now that I expand on this I think an all red, all blue or all emerald green would look beyond amazing. spaghetti-strap-trendstreet-style-spaghetti-straps (8)Today the spaghetti strap trend is more polished, it’s about that rich casual look. Although, from time to time a little grunge a la 90’s, never hurt anyone. The cami dresses, with those thin spaghetti straps, have got the cheekiest thing going on, resembling lingerie but worn as very feminine sexy or grungy dresses. Remember Kate Moss in the 90s? That’s the look. Remember Calvin Klein’s basic cami tops and dresses? Ding. Ding. cami-dressesGet more cami inspiration… cami-top-streetstylerihanna-spaghetti-strapsspaghetti-strap-cami-dressspaghetti-strap-cami-dress-rihannaspaghetti-strap-cami-dress-street-stylespaghetti-strap-dress-streetstylespaghetti-strap-maxi-dressspaghetti-strapsspaghetti-strap-summer-dress (3)spaghetti-strap-summer-dressspaghetti-strap-summer-topspaghetti-strap-topspaghetti-strap-top-street-stylestreet-style-cami-dressesstreetstyle-spaghetti-strap-camistreet-style-spaghetti-straps (2)street-style-spaghetti-straps (4)street-style-spaghetti-straps (6)street-style-spaghetti-straps (7)street-style-spaghetti-strap-topstreet-style-spaghetti-straps (3)street-style-spaghetti-straps-trendstreet-style-spaghetti-strap-top (2)street-style-spaghetti-straps-camistreet-style-spaghetti-straps-dresssummer-dresses-thin-strapssummer-spaghetti-strapssummer-street-style-spaghetti-strapssummer-trend-spaghetti-strapsIn case you forgot, these thin straps on tops or dresses were a massive trend in the 90’s. I had thin arms & spaghetti straps on all my tops and cami dresses, back then. And ate spaghetti all the time.

Now I’m drooling over the latter and dreaming at the former. Life’s not fair.

Yeah they’re not super easy to pull off, but mini skirts aren’t either. Or shorts, cropped tops or bustiers for that matter. Hasn’t stopped us in the past, sure ain’t gonna stop us now.

Gotta go now, my spaghetti dish awaits ;) tumblr_mxyvf8FGyN1qzx3jto1_500