Solid Versus Plated Gold Grillz

Grillz have been in existence for a while now. Although there have been concerns that such dental accessories are for celebs only, with time grillz have become a thing for anybody, not just for those in the hip-hop culture. Nowadays, you can spot grillz almost everywhere — even on red carpets. If you love jewels made of gold, then you could consider either custom-fitted solid grillz or plated ones. Despite the fact that these two types of gold grillz may appear similar, they have several differences.


Gold plated grillz are dental accessories made from either silver or steel with a gold plating. These types of grillz are a better alternative in terms of low-cost grillz. The plating is done in such a manner that they cannot tarnish since they are highly durable. The plated grillz are designed to be available in a standard size. Also, they come with other accessories to ensure that they fit your mouth more comfortably.


Buying gold plated grillz comes at an advantage. Firstly, these types of grills are readily available. Secondly, they are much easier and convenient to use since they are not majorly designed to leave an impression. In addition, they are quite affordable as opposed to the custom-made gold grillz.

However, there are a few disadvantages of buying plated grillz. First, you will only rely on fragile prongs and hence, you have to worry about the security of fitting them. Secondly, the defect rate of these types of grillz is high, and they may feel uncomfortable on some people.


Solid grillz are types of dental accessories that are customizable for any individual. Most people love customized grillz because they are comfortable when worn, and they fit perfectly because they are made from the customer’s own teeth molds. Usually, these types of grillz are made from solid material — it could be silver or gold.


When you buy solid grillz, you will experience some benefits. Firstly, solid grillz, regardless of the material, are of high quality. If the material is gold, the end product is usually pure gold. They do not tarnish or fade provided you take care of them well. Secondly, these types of grillz are more comfortable as compared to the premade plated grillz since they perfectly fit in your mouth. Solid gold grillz are designed with a snug fit so that they fit securely in your mouth and hence, you will not have to worry about them rubbing or pinching.

The only drawback of these types of grillz is the fact that they are quite expensive, making it hard to afford them. Also, they are not readily available and hence, you will need to wait for a while before you get your grillz.

The choice of the type of grillz you purchase depends entirely on your taste and preference. While solid gold grillz are considerably more expensive, they are of high quality and very comfortable.

xoxo D.