slip-ons-sneakers-street-style (3)Err cause you know, all the latest shoe trends seem to be about sneakers. Tennis shoes. High-tops. Kicks. Flat gladiator sandals, or flat ballet pumps. Loafers anyone? Whatever you wanna call them. In brights or whites, the flats are everywhere. slip-ons-street-style (2)And while I’m the last to complain (lately my age has been kicking in so I find myself choosing comfort over drop-dead-gorgeous-excruciating-shoe-pains more often than I’d like to admit) I still can’t shake the caps in my mind, WHY? Are we really sick of heels and glaming up or shaking it in sky high sexy mother fucker shoes?

If it is so, then I suddenly feel as if fashion is playing a prank on us with this sporty trend that defines 2014 spring & summer. And whatever we do, it’ll be a win win situation for the sartorial world. Okay. Let me, let you in on my theory. When you tell a kid do not eat that cake, they’ll probably sneak up and eat it cause doing what you’re not suppose to is always more fun than sticking with the norm. So I’m thinking the fashion bitch had this marvelous epiphany one day: “Why don’t I give these suckers a trend to make them miss the hot sophistication of heels, and make the sexy shoes an exclusive pick. If this should stick, great! If not, then I guess we’ll have a summer in flats.” Paris Fashionweek ss2014 day 5, outside Chloéslip-ons-sneakers-street-style (9)Or, it can all be a simple and plain consequence of the ALL is IN fashion movement we’re living. Cause seriously who the hell would give up heels for the rest of the summer for SLIP ONs? We’d choose both. Doh. If they’re good enough for Pharell… they’re good enough for us. Oh, did I mention it’s sort of a unisex trend. Yeah boys can wear them too. :)

Slip-ons: slightly thick soled (usually white soled) sneakers without laces. Think a style-a-trois between the loafers, sneakers and thick soled shoes. Ta-daaa!

And to my above question, I think I may be surprised even my by own choices on this one (you know, with age comes wisdom and shit), but still, no party/cocktail/posh event is complete without heels. Well, unless you’re one of the Olsens. slip-ons-sneakers-street-style (12)slip-ons-sneakers-street-style (8)slip-ons-street-styleReal talk for a second now. So slip ons are the IT shoes of 2014 spring and that, my friend, is not so bad. They’re obviously comfortable and according to every street style pic they do go with almost anything. Yeah you might not look like a smart posh polished business woman, but the chic sophisticated laid back look is the new smart. It’s model off duty. Or French editor. Or cool California girl on a sunny day having coffee or going shopping with her friends. It’s New York hipster boy or girl hiding underneath a vintage hat in ripped jeans and slouchy tee meeting their somebodys for coffee. slip-ons-sneakers-street-style (4)slip-ons-sneakers-street-style (5)givenchy-slip-onsslip-ons-sneakers-street-style (6)nastygal-slip-onsslip-ons-sneakers-street-style (7)slip-ons-sneakers-street-style (10)slip-ons-sneakers-street-style (11)slip-ons-sneakers-street-style (13)slip-ons-sneakers-street-style (14)slip-ons-sneakers-street-style (15)Micah Gianneli_Best top personal style fashion blog_Street styleslip-ons-sneakers-street-styleslip-ons-sneakers-street-styleslip-ons-street-style (2)slip-ons-street-style (3)slip-ons-street-style (4)slip-ons-street-style (6)slip-ons-street-style (7)slip-ons-street-styleslip-ons-street-styleslip-ons-street-style-slip-ons-street-style-summerAny trend that’s easy to wear will stick. That’s just how it is. Somehow I feel as if we’ve had it with trying too much, sexing it up and being too cool for school. Which, let me tell you is a very liberating fresh feeling. But I shall not give up my heels.

Well okay nobody said I should, it was just my hasty presumption that one trend excludes another that had me all jumping at the poor slip ons’ throat. Or maybe I’m just looking for excuses to wear my heels tonight. ;)


Have a great weekend lovelies! :) xoxo

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  1. Sharon says:

    I totally loved the article ! In fact I love this shoes. I like heels but I can’t wear them always.
    This shoes are casual so they look great with my clothes, I use them very often, especially now during winter when using heels feels dangerous because the sidewalks are all frozen.

  2. catia92 says:

    We all love heels, but the truth is: Nothing beats the comfort of sneakers/loafers. Personally I love heels and own a lot of them; I’d love to wear them more often, but obviously they aren’t for daily wear. So yes… I vote for Sneakers/flats trend! :)
    “Any trend that’s easy to wear will stick.” – I agree! :)

  3. caroline says:

    I love heels more than anything but everyday I seem to be walking on cobblestones and not only is it uncomfortable but they wreck my shoes! Flats are so much easier…. (it pains me to say that)


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