What SLIDES To Wear This Summer?

What happens when 80s meet 90s and decide to marry and have kids? 2018 Trends are born, that’s what happens. And the slides summer shoes is one kiddo cutest of them all. I mean when it comes to shoes trends we’ve seen it all, and done it all this far, but slides shoes in 2018 are probably the biggest shoe trend in a while. What’s great about it is that it stopped being just about the ugly slides, the fur slides, or the birkenstocks, and instead 2018 summer is having a shoe party for all the slides in the world. Including mules, thong mules, and those 90s Sex and the city, Carrie Bradshaw fab heeled slides.

I mean… shut the front door.

This only brings me to my next question: what slides to wear this summer? What’s a girl to choose from all this slides chaos?

Easy peasy… like anything in life… choose whatever you love and fits your style. Better yet, when it comes to slides summer shoes, you can actually get a pair of each style, cause each style fits a different situation you’ll be into.


Casual slides.

Aka everyday run to the store, grab a drink, go to the beach, go for brunch, hell even work if the job description requires. This slides are the classic slide with a bit of nip and tuck. They look amazing with dresses, mini skirts, casual pants, jeans, or any type of monochromatic look.

And they’re super comfy and cool.

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The classic mules slides.

Uhm… hello 90s! I used to love these back in the day, and then I wasn’t too fond of them until recently. I actually think they’re such a cool ugly-ish type of easy shoes for summer office wear for example.

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The Carrie Bradshaw slides.

I am crying now. They are the slides that got a hold of my heart! Beautiful, fabulous amazing shoes, with or without an open toe, with a kitten heel, or not, a pointy toe, very classic, very flirty, very easy to put on, take off, wear, and style.

They are the definition of pretty shoes!


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I gotta say… I missed having around a trend that fits all age groups, styles, and occasions.

I’ll have one of each please.

How about you?

xoxo D.