PJs After a week’s hard labor, Saturday morning always comes with tons of coffee and freshly squeezed juice (to kill that hangover, you know?) & an undeniably strong desire to not leave the warm soft bed for the rest of your life. But sometimes a Saturday morning is clam and you feel invincible as if you could squeeze a lifetime of fun things to do in just a few sunny warm hours. Or, free of last night’s reminders, you can finally lay in bed cause you want to. Not cause you have to.pajamas-sleepwear cotton-pajamas-styles This, and a thought I had last week, after reading what Marilyn Monroe said in her Chanel No.5 ad (that she wears just perfume to bed. Of course she did. doh) got me thinking: Do we really take fashion to bed every night? We certainly had a phase in fashion when we took sleepwear from bed to the streets. Remember? I presume, and please let me blindly live in my world on this one, that most women sleep in pajamas, as opposed to naked. Right? Say it is so. And if so… what pajama style do you sleep in? Is there such a thing as sleepwear fashion? Or when going to bed, does comfort prevail over sexy? Note: date nights and sexy wild romantic wooing excluded. sleepwear-fashion sexy-versus-comfy-sleepwear nightgowns When it comes to fashion in general being inconsistent and changing styles and clothes like mad makes you, rather than breaks you. So I can only assume the same applies to bed. I mean pajamas.

Like one night I may just want to be left alone in  my ugly comfy boyfriend oversized sweatpants and jersey. Or onesies. (you know, just for the record: Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling sleep in them. Or she might have just said that on Ellen to make themselves appear more human). But who’s to say I cannot ditch this Bridget Jones attire in a snap and be one of those Victoria Secret models. I told you I live in a distorted reality. But I’m happy this way. After all, with a few lucky exceptions out there that’s what lingerie and pajamas designers and retailers bet their money on: our self deluded image. Or, if we’re not that cocky to live under Marilyn Monroe versus Victoria Secret angels self image impressions – we aim to be better version of ourselves. So we go and buy tiny lace handkerchief-size lingerie that sometimes feels bloody uncomfortable. Or we splurge on silky sleepwear that is way better but still lacks a bit in comfort. sleepwear-looks I know for a fact from my grandma that in the past women gave a crap about how they looked when going to sleep. But then again as feminine, elegant and understated sexy as those women looked those were constricted times for us in history, so perhaps all this looking groomed when lying to sleep had to be put to sleep today, cause, like men we want to feel comfortable and rest, not worry about wrinkling our silky expensive nightgowns or smudging that mascara. These latter sexy seductive assets are resorted to today only when we decide. You know, for self confidence boost, seducing a man, that kinda crap.  neglijee-looks sleepwear-neglijees pink-PJs sexy-versus-comfy-sleepwear Question. Quick. First word that comes to mind when I say pajama: ‘…’ . It probably is sleep. Or comfort. Or sexy. And if we go on like this, chances are we get to sex. Which sells. That all roads lead to Rome is no news, but as normal women who love comfort as well as style and sexy, and can be all in one, I’m just curious – When you go to bed, do you fuck fashion? And I don’t mean it like that.

Or are you one of those ladies who after getting home in the evening puts on the sexiest negligee and feels comfortable doing it? I’ve always wondered if these women even existed outside films… On a regular basis. Like every night. No matter what. sexy-negligee Personally I think we’re all the above. And it does feel sexy, after a great night’s sleep, to wake up and have coffee in a silky or lace negligee, right? But then again, nothing is as liberating as that ugly onesie or your partner’s oversized soft jersey and those thick socks. sleepwear Talking trends & sleepwear can sound a bit hilarious, but I’m sure we’re all fans of certain fabrics and colors and pajama style. I love silky pajamas, lace, regardless of styles, animal print (that pajama on Kourtney Kardashian is fab), black, ivory white. But sometimes… I wouldn’t trade my husband’s soft jersey & my super warm socks, for nothing in the world. And they’re not even pajamas per se. comfy-pajamas-styles Kourtney-kardashian-animal-print-pjs lace-pajamas-styles Though these may all be head-to-toe-groomed women advertising hot-meets-comfortable sleepwear, nobody ever died from a dose of pajama inspiration. So let’s have a look… comfy-PJs cotton-cute-pajamas-styles cozy-boyfriend-pajamas-styles Marilyn-monroe-PJs nightgowns pajamas pajamas-styles-pants pijamas sexy-pajamas-styles women-sleepwear Pajama wise: Are we Bridget Jones or Samantha Jones. Ha! At least they’ve got one thing in common, go figure. Does that mean there’s a bit of each in all of us?

Have a great weekend dolls! :) xoxo

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  9. Sandra Rugina says:

    Cool! I love the soft ones from H&M this season :) and Seppälä, up here in the North has some warm ones too!

  10. Mammu says:

    I loved the whole thing, had so much fun reading it!bWell done :) I really wish I could be one of those women who sleep in little night dresses and in the morning float around the house in with a robe over it but I’m really not…. I used to sleep clothes-less (didn’t wanna say naked out loud lol) , now that I have kids that wouldn’t be appropriate and I’m always so cold so bring on those comfy socks and baggy t-shirts =)

  11. caroline says:

    Oooh, this is like a whole thesis! I like the idea of looking nice when I go to bed but I have to be honest that whatever I’m wearing it had better be comfortable and cozy!

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      Totally agree! Nothing beats comfort when it comes to sleepwear. Though I’ll say this, some of these pics got me thinking lol but nah, comfy is way better! Thanks Caroline xoxoxox


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