What To Wear: Trousers OR Skirt For Fashion & Business Event?

When a fashion meets business event takes place and one is invited to partake, my mind races off to clothes, styles, looks. Yeah, pretty much a case of fashion obsession, which in all honesty is quite normal. Are we not fashion bloggers who love a great style? Exactly. Just a few days ago I got invited to such an event in my home country Romania in Oradea and I am so very excited to go next week, take the pulse of the fashion scene and have an excuse for some traveling. That being said, I confess in all predictability that besides my work at this event (which, it goes without saying, is always under control (hopefully): camera, laptop, networking, interviews, writing, et all) I am stressing (in a good way) over what to wear. I am attending the fashion show & wine tasting, but it’s all part of this huge business gathering… so I would assume keeping it classic is the key. But you know me… I have got to be a bit edgy or put a slight twist to any classic or too smart/elegant outfit. To me they are boring, or just not my exact cup of tea, hence my need to jazz it up a bit. Still I do not wish to stand out on ridiculousness. God forbid everyone is wearing black and I turn up in a fantasy pink gown. Lol. Joking. Being a daytime happening with a touch of fashion I will try to keep it classic with a twist. Think Olivia Palermo style. What I do not know yet… and would love a little help out is to go for trousers or skirt? street-style street-style-dress (3) Before the battle of the bottoms begins note that I will not make any business nor weather compromise and will not part with my bright pink-red’ish heels (my classic pumps) & my statement necklace. AND I will give red lips a go :) That being said, on one hand I am considering wearing statement trousers: floral print, graphic, black & white, with side pockets, fitted (not quite skinny), think tailored suit-style. Regarding the top I may go for a silky blouse or shirt, OR I would love to don a black leather top, an uber fun sweatshirt or plain t-shirt that would look so fantastic with the statement necklace & the red lips, right? Blazer, cool bag, bracelets, rings & great nails to pull it all together. Some street style photos for inspiration :)

Trousers looks for Fashion/Business Event:  flared-pants-business-look business-style-red-shoes business-suit-street-style colored-trousers-street-style baroque-look-bussiness-style elegant-style lether=pants-office-style office-look-street-style office-style-street-style Celebrity Sightings At LFW A/W 2012 - February 19, 2012 street-style (2) white-heels-pants-blazer On the other hand, skirts / dresses always look great. My favorites are pencil skirts with sweatshirts  – which is another great option, or a mismatched printed skirt & top. Maxi dresses or skirts may just be too much, but I adore them. Here are a few photos for inspiration :)

Skirts & Dresses looks for Event: head-toe-print miroslava-duma-dress office-dress-street-style olivia-palermo-skirt olivia-palermo-business-style street-style-dress (2) street-style-dress street-style-floral-skirt street-style-leather-dress street-style-maxi-dress street-style-printed-dress street-style-skirt-for-event Though I can totally put together a great look with what I already have, there’s nothing like a great excuse to go shopping, even for just a top or a pair of trousers. Ah… So yes I shall be hitting the mall over the weekend and see if anything fantastic catches my eye. I mean these women in the photos look fabulous but to get some of these looks one might just have to break the bank. I always say style is not about the price/designer tags but about owning it! It’s not what you wear it’s HOW you wear it, right?

Have a great weekend & bank holidays lovelies & Happy Easter! xoxo