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skinny-jeans-style Never has one clothing item suffered so much reinvention as the denim, and never has one jeans style had a bigger comeback than the skinny jeans. Massive in all the decades, minus those 90s, they seemed to be a thing of that kitsch past that no one wanted to even remember. Thank God we all came to our senses.

If Marilyn Monroe loved her ankle slim pants and Audrey Hepburn’s most iconic look remains the skinny pants with ballet pumps… I think it’s safe to say the skinnies were bound to make their comeback and world domination. Those punk & rocknroll kids that are now fashion & music icons embraced the slim fit trousers looks as well, and with the punk trend massive this season, of course we’re not parting ways from our skinnies just yet. all-black-skinny-jeans-street-style all-white-look-skinny-jeans-street-style Fast forward a little from those 50’s to the 90’s and you’ll land in the sans-skinnies decade. Variety is good. But skinnies are better, so little by little the baggy jeans turned into flared jeans which turned into the boot cut trend which turned into today’s most common jeans style: The Skinny Jeansskinnyjeans-trend While I’ve always cringed a little at the sight of those 90’s and early 2000’s jeans styles, (just cause they all gave us a mom butt and were just jeans, you know, not fashion forward bottoms. You had to settle for what was out there, or what your mom bought for you, which in itself made not much of a difference, cause there was not much to joggle around with jeans style wise)… as soon as the jeans started getting thinner and thinner, the plot thickened. As did we.

But who gives a fuck, cause truth is skinny jeans are not just for skinny people, au contraire I think they are a blessing for all body types, it’s all just a matter of finding the right cut and style. Just have a look on the streets at any given time of day or night. You’ll be surprised to see how many women (and men) of all sizes and ages are wearing this uber flattering jeans style. autumn-trend-skinny-jeans-street-style Why do skinny jeans fit everyone? While they may be painted on your legs or bum, following your body type, actually they do more justice than not, and keep all our bits and pieces looking toned, slim and super fit. Bums are tighter, higher, bigger or smaller depending on what you want, legs appear firmer & longer, waists slimmer and taller (if you’re opting for the high waisted jeans). Skinny Jeans are the magic weapon to getting a great body in seconds. casual-style-skinny-jeans grungy-look-skinny-jeans-street-style Sure not all is perfect in paradise, cause sometimes it takes forever, plus tones of sweats in the changing room to find… literally nothing that will even look OK. Yet, patience and cutting yourself some slack go a long way. So do great friends to tag along and praise your body and looks when you most need them to. So what’s the secret to squeezing into the seemingly perfect pair of skinnies? Finding the right size is key, and if necessary adjusting them where needed. For example too long jeans shorten legs and make you look bulky around the ankles. A higher waist does justice to almost any body type, plus it’s a big fashion comeback. Some people look great with super skinny jeans, others with those a bit flared ankle length styles. Besides, the brand and the cut always differ, so grab your best friends, tons of patience and try out as many styles as possible. high-waisted-skinnies hot-skinny-jeans how-to-wear-skinny-jeans printed-skinny-jeans-street-style red-skinny-jeans-look Why do we love Skinny Jeans? One thing is the body magic they bare, and then it’s the styles they come in: any color, any print, for all occasions, for office (think black), for events/parties (ripped, sequined, printed), for everyday casual styles.

And they look amazing with literally anything, from posh stilettos to sneakers, flip flops, sandals, boots, ballet pumps. They can adapt to absolutely any look be it super glam and sophisticated or grungy, sporty and casual. And their best trait is getting us out of a fashion predicament all the time. I mean if you don’t know what to wear, somehow you always end up in your skinnies and whatever else fits the occasion. And you always pull it off, cause while they may look hot and cool all the time, they betray effortlessness and versatility. Plus they’re super comfortable. ripped-skinny-jeans-street-style skinny-jeans skinny-jeans-casual-style skinny-jeans-look skinny-jeans-outfit Let’s get some more skinny jeans inspiration… skinny-jeans-ripped skinny-jeans-sneakers skinny-jeans-stilettos skinny-jeans-street-style (2) skinny-jeans-street-style-1 skinny-jeans-street-style-4 skinny-jeans-street-style-8 skinny-jeans-street-style-9 skinny-jeans-street-style-10 skinny-jeans-street-style-13 skinny-jeans-street-style-boots skinny-jeans-street-style-heels skinny-jeans-street-style-pumps skinny-jeans-street-style-trend skinny-jeans-trend skinny-pants yellow-skinny-jeans wearing-skinny-jeans stilettos-skinny-jeans-look statement-skinny-jeans I know as of lately loads of other jeans styles are making quite the fashion statement (boyfriend, flared jeans) but you know what? Although skinnies have given up on their dictatorship & monopoly, hence the room they so politely made for some other denim siblings, truth is – skinny jeans will never leave us again.

They became a staple.

And even if some written or un-written fashion law came by, stating that skinnies will forever be banned if you want to be trendy – I predict generations of women fashion-jailed in their skinnies rather than giving them up.

What do you think? Have we had enough of the skinny jeans OR not?