Six Reasons Why You Need an Affordable Pregnancy Wedding Ring

Pregnancy is all about nurturing growth. That growth can be awe-inspiring when it is the miracle of new life. The dramatic increase in expense and discomfort? Not so much. They started small, but now that you’re in the third trimester, it feels like they have ballooned to cartoonishly large proportions. There’s no fast forward button for the homestretch; if anything, it seems to go by more slowly.  

But when all those stress factors are piling on, minor adjustments like a foam roller or a body pillow can feel like game changers. So if you find yourself in a straw and camel’s back scenario, maybe we can take one more of those “little things that feel like big things” off your hands, before you suffer from ring avulsion. There’s an endless number of reasons you need an affordable pregnancy wedding ring, but here are the top six.

  1. Pregnancy Is Expensive

Do you have the kind of medical benefits that include unlimited maternity leave and a lifetime supply of prenatal vitamins? Did your father-in-law make the crib himself after he heard the news about the latest infant gear recall? Was there a friend who gave you a storage unit’s worth of pregnancy outfits? In the right seasonal trajectory? Can you resist making purchases when you are panicked or hungry or both? 

If you checked all of those boxes, you are luckier than most. But there are still countless ways that pregnancy is going to be expensive. So have a plan for navigating those expenses and hit refresh on that catalog of affordable engagement rings.

  1. Pregnancy Is Already Uncomfortable Enough

Even though this is the most tired you have ever felt, you’re having trouble sleeping. If you do manage to fall asleep, in spite of sore gums and itchy skin, you are having crazy dreams. People who are pregnant can make jokes about “pregnancy brain.” People who aren’t pregnant probably shouldn’t.  

You aren’t even always sure how you are supposed to be feeling — is your suffering a natural part of the sacrifice you are making for your baby, or should it be setting off alarm bells that something is wrong? Constantly having to answer that question is hard enough, so if one of the variations of it is “Do I need to endure this throbbing on my finger because the ring is too tight?” feel good about saying “No!” There are tons of difficult decisions. Lob yourself an easy one.

  1. Pregnancy Is Not a Pause

So why not just remove your wedding jewelry altogether during this phase of life? You can certainly do so if you’d like. But it isn’t like you just hit pause on your life while you are pregnant. If anything, there’s more life than ever happening. You might not be doing body shots and backflips, but that doesn’t mean a retreat from the celebratory. 

You don’t have to go out if you don’t want to. But you’re allowed to feel fancy and have fun. And if that means getting a bit more assistance when it comes to pedicures and buying an extra round cut engagement ring that will actually fit around your finger, then do it.  

  1. Pregnancy Runs on Its Own Timeline

It’s possible that you are trying to plan a wedding around a delivery date. You could be unexpectedly filling up the final seat in the family minivan. Either way, pregnancy reminds us that we can’t always control the timing of life’s big events. Your pregnancy might be a surprise twist. Or it might be part of a much longer journey full of heartbreak and struggle. 

The outside world may never know what you’ve been going through or what you expected. But a wedding ring is a public reminder that there are choices we can make when it comes to the loving commitment that sustains a family. 

  1. Pregnancy Is Not a Single Stage

They divide pregnancy into trimesters, but sometimes it could be broken into a million different moments. Or maybe the time isn’t measured at all — it just stretches out like an endlessly fluctuating elastic waistband. 

Pregnancy isn’t one thing. You might have lived in that maternity dress or never had an opportunity to wear it at all. It’s okay to have options, even if you don’t use them to the extent that you expected. Not being able to predict the exact trajectory of your pregnancy doesn’t make you a poor planner; it makes you a human.

  1. Pregnancy Is a Beginning Not an End

It might be hard to believe right now, but that baby isn’t a permanent tenant. There might be restrictions on what you can wear into the delivery room. So even if you love the sparkle of your current engagement ring, you might have to have a silicone alternative at the hospital. And that might not be a bad thing to keep around in the future — some fingers never return to their original size post pregnancy. And even if they do, it might be nice to have a gentler stand-in when you are firmly in the midst of midnight diaper changes. 

Nine months in, tiny details can become major irritants. Take the fact that people talk about “nine months” when 39 weeks is considered full term. Like you get that calendar math is always kind of weird, but you’ve never really felt the full weight of those little discrepancies ‘til now. When nine and three quarters refers to an enchanted train platform, it sounds quirky and charming. When that “three quarters” means you log an extra five hundred hours of lug time, it doesn’t seem as magical. An affordable pregnancy ring won’t reset the calendar but it might make your fingers a bit less twitchy. 

xoxo D.