Silver Love.

There are gold people and then there are silver people. I am certainly the former, but every now and then I’ll take a dip into the silver team and actually truly enjoy it.

Such was the situation a month ago when I decided to drape myself in blue (again not a very seldom drive in my case) and wear the silver pearl set I got from Star Harvest Jewellery. 

They’ve been so kind to gift me this silver set and 2 more golden pieces that I’ll show you in a future blogpost, that I feel incredibly blessed. Their brand is solely focused on quality jewellery pieces, all perfect designed silver, with classic or more edgy cuts depending on your style.

Their shop is really packed with the most fab items. The shipping is fast and the wrapping of the jewellery is beyond fantastic, so their jewellery could just make the perfect gift you know.

Star Harvest Jewellery Shop is the hub for any type of quality piece for either girls or boys, for a special moment in one’s life, for a certain celebration (graduation, wedding, anniversary etc.), with a massive offer on rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, sets – anything you could possible imagine.

I am wearing a silver pearl jewellery set – earrings and necklace with a pendant – that is just perfect for silver lovers with a penchant for classic and refined pieces. The quality is insane, it is silver, beautifully crafted and designed, with a pearl on each earring and on the pendant, adorned with sparking tiny gem stones.

It is such a beautiful classic piece that goes great on an evening dress, a wedding dress, an office power suit, and even a casual outfit. Maybe sans the earrings, but the necklace is for sure a piece that can easily blend into a relaxed outfit, giving it the top-knotch edge we all wanna have with no effort whatsoever.


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I received it as a compliment from Star Harvest Jewellery and I couldn’t be more humbled and happy about it. And as I said, the wrapping of the package was absolutely stunning, so… my dear little sartorial lovers, if you’re on the lookout for beautiful high quality perfectly designed jewellery pieces for yourself or for a gift to somebody very special – this shop is for you.

Photos by Florina Ciupertea.