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Are Shorts & Long Sleeves THE Trend?

denim-shorts-long-sleeve-trendTransitioning from summer to fall may give us a few fashion headaches but apparently 2 extremes a slight fall transition make. With the street styles swirling around shorts and anything with a long sleeve, with the weather changing its moods like a confused little brat, and our stubbornness to remaining hipster cool whatever should happen – I wonder, is it safe to assume cutoffs (actually any shorts) and long sleeve tops are the latest late summer look? And why not? I always said as long as I have a jacket on, I can rock bare legs in blizzard cold, and I refuse to believe I’m alone in my madness. Truth is, before I moved to London, where let’s be honest, weather wise, you can’t top the indecision, I never got those all-4-seasons-into-one-outfit-looks, and, pardon my ignorance and skepticism I always thought the girls rocking boots and super short shorts with a jacket on were fashion victims suffering of cold or sweating their asses off for the sake of looking hipster. Now, years later… I get it. Unless you live in an all year round same weather country it’s the best style gimmick ever. So I’ll risk being hasty on this one and pass it off as a TREND. Though I do realize it’s been a look girls resort to for temperature-comfort measures & impeccable style, for ages. I’ve been doing this look for the past month like a crazy brat myself and still can’t get enough of. Thank God, once the chill settles in, we’ve got the tights to resort to, so our cutoffs looks can remain intact. shorts-and-long-sleeves-look-12But is there a hidden ‘why’ behind it all? I’m sure the Sweaters & Sweatshirt Craze has nothing to do with it. Riiiiight. Or the obsession for cutoffs that’s courtesy of again those 90’s comeback in fashion. The streets basically refused to give these 2 items up for the past year. Top that with designers collections for SS 2013 and what you get is a massive fashion craze for 2-seasons-in-one look. I mean we’ve taken on much more fucked up trends for the sake of fashion (read plastic clothes, bags, mismatched prints, creepers et all) so why not these 2 perfectly OK items that together make any woman look like an off duty model in between shows, and mirror an effortless style that usually takes ages to nail. designers-shorts-long-sleevedenim-shorts-jacket-styleLeather-Shorts-and-long-sleeves-lookstreetstyle-shorts-long-sleevesDo I still need to bring up the versatility trait? I thought so, but for the sake of chatting style tips let’s do this: buckle up and let you’re fashion imagination loose. These 2 extremes can adapt to ANY look and style from posh & polished to grunge and boho chic in an instant. The ‘where’ in all all this is checked as well: for office don knee-length shorts and a blouse or blazer, and for the rest of your time, play up the shorts length. But let’s be honest here… it’s always the shoes that make or break an outfit and take it to work, picnic, beach, or out for drinks.

Having said that let’s do this… shorts-and-long-sleeves-look-streetstyleGrunge Looks in Long x Short

  • cutoffs
  • sweatshirts
  • sweaters (for a more Nirvana/Kurt Cobain look)
  • boots (motorcycle or even cowboy styles can do the trick)
  • hat (optional)
  • leather jacket
  • black loose blazer
  • backpack
  • wayfarer shades
  • flanel shorts-and-long-sleeves-look-2Boho Chic Look in Long x Short
  • shorts (cutoffs or whatev)
  • slouchy sweaters
  • nude brown shades
  • floral prints
  • hats
  • 70s style sunnies
  • boots
  • flat gladiator sandals
  • chunky sandals
  • tons of jewelry summer-to-fall-transition-lookPolished Looks in Long x Short 
  • heels (usually strappy sandals or pumps)
  • cutoffs/lace shorts/floral shorts
  • long sleeve silky blouses
  • blazer
  • leather jackets
  • big boxy bags
  • clutches
  • aviator/wayfarer sunglasses
  • usually golden accessories
  • red lips shorts-and-long-sleeves-look-6Bloggers/Hipsters Look in Long x Short
  • boyfriend cutoffs & more fitted sweatshirts
  • boyfriend sweatshirts & fitted cutoffs
  • sweatshirts with beads, sequins, statement texts, wild prints
  • super glam shoes (heels usually from stilettos to chunky styles)
  • baseball caps
  • red lips
  • funky sunglasses
  • basically an eclectic uber cool mix of all the styles you can carry. Attitude and confidence help to pull it all off.

cutoffs-and-sweatshirt-styleStill not convinced? Or maybe we need some more pics for fashion inspo… alexa-chung-shorts-and-long-sleeves-lookblogger-look=shorts-long-sleevescutoffs-long-sleevesdenim-cutoffs-long-sleeves-treetstyledenim-shorts-long-sleeves-looksshorts-and long-sleeves-street-styleshorts-and-blazer-styleshorts-and-jacket-style-streetshorts-and-long-sleeves-jacketshorts-and-long-sleeves-look (2)shorts-and-long-sleeves-lookshorts-and-long-sleeves-look-3shorts-and-long-sleeves-look-4 (2)shorts-and-long-sleeves-look-4shorts-and-long-sleeves-look-7shorts-and-long-sleeves-look-8shorts-and-long-sleeves-look-10shorts-and-long-sleeves-look-13shorts-and-long-sleeves-look-14shorts-and-long-sleeves-look-street-styleshorts-and-long-sleeves-trendshorts-and-sweater-lookshorts-and-sweater-styleshorts-blazer-boots-look-street-styleshorts-boots-long-sleevesshorts-boots-sweater-lookshorts-heels-long-sleeves-trebdshorts-long-sleeves-look (2)sweater-shorts-look-street-styleshorts-long-sleeves-trendshorts-long-sleeve-top-streetstyleshorts-sweater-style-trendshort-suit-streetstylestreet-style_largestreet-style-shorts-sleevesSo what do you say girls: is this the latest trend or is it a look you’ve been doing for ages?