Why Are Women Chopping Off Their Hair? Would YOU?

short-haircuts-girlsThat’s the thing about trends, once it sticks, it gets all over the place to the point of redundancy even. Is this the case of SHORT HAIRSTYLES? Do all women chop off their mermaid tresses like demented fashion victims, cause that JLaw woman did, and then Hailee Steinfeld, and then God knows who, and before them it was Rihanna, then Miley and so on? And now we have a world of cute little pixies? hair-trend-shortpixie-cutsDoes the chopping off of our locks have more to do with being fashionably cool, or does it have a hidden subliminal meaning & message behind. Aka: us girls feeling more empowered, liberated, strong – cause you know the shorter the hair, the tinier the problems. Of styling I mean.

Or are we constantly getting over something, or somebody? (and radically change our manes to get our lives back.)

Whatever the case… my money’s on the TREND thing, with a bit of liberation and getting over an idiot. It’s THE thing in town everyone’s doing, like the perm in the 80s. The short cut looks fantastic and it’s reversible. In months, and months, true. But hair grows back, and if patience is not your thing, there’s always the extensions solution. 2014-trend-short-haircelebs-women-short-hairstyleschic-hairstylesWere it not for a beautiful celeb who first cut her long hair, and designers or stylists recommending this sexy androgynous look to everyone under the sun – it wouldn’t have been a trend, and women with long hair and no intention of chopping, would have left their locks intact, and just occasionally dream about cutting it all off whenever Charlize Theron or Halle Berry crossed their screens or minds. Truth is gals… it takes a looooot of balls to go from long hair to short hair, hence the transformation process. hair-trend-2014-shortcharlize-theron-short-hairA lot of questions come up, like: Does short hair fit any face shape? YES – say all the stylists, it’s just a matter of finding the right short cut for your face shape, and finding the features you want to enhance and focus on those (great eyes and eyebrows, cheek-bones, lips, neck). Short hair is not just one hairstyle. Short hair can be chopped, slicked back, with bangs, asymmetrical, curly, straight, wavy, side or back shaved, head shaved, pixie cut, and most of the times… it requires more styling, than long hair. short-hair (2)Of course I’m biased here, cause I’ve had my hair short ages ago (and it had to do less with the trend – which was non existent back then – and more with an idiot and a transformation). But it worked. And I loved it. It wasn’t pixie short, just chopped off in layers up to my cheeks and jawline. It looked fabulous when it was styled, but otherwise, let’s just say I would not have gone out to take the trash even. So… yes I learned to style it in order to love it. And ever since I’ve never made a dramatic change, although the pixie cut is on my mind for at least 1 year. Just don’t have the balls for it, and will probably not have them for sometime. pixie-haircut-lookWomen with short hair have a certain sex appeal to them, they look powerful and very confident in a very feminine cheeky way. Ever since I discovered Micah Ginelli, the blogger who cut her endless exquisite hair that was down to her bum, first by shaving it off on one side, and then by shaving it all off – I’m in love with short hair. No, actually I’m obsessed. She’s one woman who looks so much better with a short cut. And I love her pixie do, cause it’s pretty versatile, it can be styled with a side clean part, with bangs, sleeked back, messy… and fits her style and look so much better. long-hair-micah-ginellishort-hair-women (4)micah-ginelli-shaved-hairmicah-ginelli-hairmicah-ginelli-short-hairmicah-ginelly-hairshaved-head-womenShort hair can look anyway you wish, from professional to wild, to chic or sophisticated – but do all these things translate beyond our heads and minds, or is the SHORT HAIR TREND loved only by women?

What do men think about girls with short hair? 

Is long hair still the utmost definition of femininity? When you say ‘woman’ or ‘girl’ does long hair inevitably come with this image?

For the fun and curiosity of it I’ve asked around a few men what they think of women with short hair. Except for one boy who confessed to be instantly sold on the short hair look in women, and would with no hesitation pick a short haired girl over a long haired one, the rest were in between. Why would this lad pick chopped off hair: for what it stands. ”The girl’s probably free spirited, cool and fun to be around, but very confident, strong and sexy.” There you have it.

Another boy said he’s totally on the long hair team, and confessed he’s an idiot to say it but women are supposed to have long hair.

Well I guess it’s to each their own. It’s not like we don’t have preferences when it comes to how our men look, right?

Let’s see more pics for short hair inspiration: shortHAirmiley-cyros-short-hairshort-dosshort-hair (4)short-Hairshort-hair-bangsshort-haircutsshort-hair-look (2)short-hair-styleshort-hairstylesshort-hairstyles-celebritieshort-hairstyles-womenshort-hairstyle-womenshort-hairtrendshort-hair-trendsshort-hair-women (2)short-hair-women (3)short-hair-womenshrot-haircut-trend (2)shrot-haircut-trend (3)side-cut-short-hair-womenstreet-style-short-hair (3)street-style-short-hair (4)super-short-hair-womenwomen-look-shaved-hairwomen-short-hairstyleswomen-short-hairstyles (2)What I’m curious about though, is what you think. Do you have short hair? Do you like it? Would you do it?