Shopping Guide: 12 Pieces To Buy & Wear This Fall

When you spend your regular Tuesday online shopping and endlessly adding into carts you know you’re either one lazy motherfucker, or you have the best job ever. While this particular morning I feel more the former rather than the latter, I will however admit I’m a bit of both.

If fashion and my passion for it have taught me anything it’s that when you’re in love with the sartorial art you splurge on everything, and then after the love matures and you already own your style, independent of any trends, you’re more prone to intelligent shopping.

I am *still working on this mature phase in both my general and sartorial life.

Bare with me.

2016-2017 Fall is a very classic with warm tones kinda season, with 70s still going strong, hence the shearling coat, and uber long winter coats. Activewear is still part of our casual cool  looks. Leggings as pants in and out of the gym are the stars, alongside sneakers, with pitch black styles reigning. Nude sweaters, classic jeans, and knit culottes are massive staples. Note to you and me: above all invest in a great oversized hoodie AND a pair of over-the-knee boots. 

That’s it.

My fave picks for you below. Click on image to shop.