Shopping For: Workout Shoes

With the risk of redundancy I give you yet again another work-out fashion related post, just because I can’t get enough of… workout, just kidding, of workout SHOES. And I figure I couldn’t be the only human alive to nurture this shoes obsession. I would literally go to workout class just for the fashion of it (the sneakers, the leggings, the tops). And the body doh. And the giggles with my pal. But that’s only on days like pilates, or weight lifting, when our hearts aren’t racing from insanity workouts.


Those who say they don’t give a shit about what they wear to workout are either full of bullshit, are rookies, or don’t love getting down and dirty with the gym situation. I was one of those ignoramuses, now I’m just hooked and a little bit addicted, to the fashion part mainly. Well we all gotta start somewhere. But when my true great loves involve fashion and food, none of which I can cut off, you know you gotta start cutting somewhere. So since cutting cake ain’t gonna stop for me, I’m cutting on my lazy days, and here I am, struggling for a healthier body, while loving the fashion part of it.

Well, I wouldn’t quite say struggling, but… you get it.

Anyway I give you my fave shoes for workout.

Remember Khloe Kardashian’s sneakers closet. Stop. #goals


Have a fab Sunday my loves.