Shopping For Maternity Style: What To Buy?

I am of course talking about myself here. And clothes. How un-selfish of me, I know. Truth of the sartorial matter is I’ve tip toed around my maternity style for 6 months, debating weather or not I should invest in some maternity clothes, or given that I’m still sort of the same size’ish… I can trick my way for the next 4 months or so with leggings, and loose tops slash dresses, all in bigger sizes. But then I figured why not enjoy this and with it, enjoy the clothes, you know.

Like,  I adore jeans but I can’t wear them anymore… so why the hell should I not buy a maternity style jeans pair right?!

I confess that so far I’ve only bought a few clothes – non-maternity – so just in bigger size because 1) I didn’t really need to resort to maternity style yet, and 2) I haven’t found anything maternity style that I truly loved. Having said that as a pregnant woman fashion wise I live in stretchy dresses of all sorts, shirt dresses, leggings, sporty attire, long sweaters… And so on. I did buy a pair of pants in checks that have an elastic waistband. We’ll see how I style those.

Shopping for maternity style does make me wanna have jeans though. The rest… I’ll see on the way.

Maternity style: what to buy?

I think it really depends on the season, cause if it’s summer you just wear maxi dresses and you’re done! But in winter you need to stay warm and comfortable.

  • bras
  • sports bras
  • bigger size/maternity leggings
  • came tops
  • long-sleeve dresses
  • sweater dresses
  • a pair of maternity jeans
  • a pretty skirt
  • a dressy dress
  • button-downs
  • oversized sweaters
  • fitted tops
  • cardigans

maternity style maternity clothes

Shopping for maternity style.

Get the look:



What about you, all you beautiful mamas out there, what was or is your maternity style? What do you buy, what is money down the drain… let’s talk about it in the comments below!

xoxo D.