#ShopTheLook: The Things Everyone’s Wearing These Days

I know most people are natural born sartorials who wake up #OOTD inspired. Not me. I need fuel man, like doses of Pintrest and Instagram and sometimes Facebook, blogs, music, films, food… anything really. I can’t fucking wake up neither flawless nor inspired so I aid myself so ever cheekily with the above over a glass of wine in the evening or a cup of coffee in the morning.

During these magnificent moments I have realized that people who love fashion these days are pretty obsessed. And the objects of their obsessions are very common and kinda cool, and prone to style emulation.

There’s the fishnets (with jeans or per se), the Gucci logo T-shirt, the suede mini skirt, the shaggy coat, the nude makeup, the turtleneck, the neutral baseball hat worn with anything from heels to sweatpants. And then there’s the lazy cool look of leggings, and black Nike sneakers. The uggs, and the bare back sweater.

Below are some of these hot picks, in case you know… you wanna be on trend or something.

Or if you just need that little inspo push like I do every now and then.

Click on image to shop.


Bye. xoxo