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Dana Straut The Fashion Tag

“Two things I love more than coffee: 1). online shopping aka Pinning while having my morning coffee, and 2). creating #OOTDs with those looks.

*THIS* is what my shop is: a go-to place for those 30 minutes in the morning when you’re sipping your coffee and feel a bit fashion’y and creative, but also you wanna splurge a little on yourself without breaking the bank.

It’s a shop for fashion crushes, and those Instagram #OOTDs, for office wear and party wear alike.

After FashionTag blog became slightly more notorious I really just went with my fashion flow and life long passion here and decided to open a SHOP – my own little clothes’ hub of all the things I love, or have once loved, piled (in a nice way I like to think) for those ‘add to cart kinda days.’

It’s really a close to my heart project that I am so excited and nervous about, so all your love, thoughts, and feedback are much welcomed and appreciated.”

Dana Cristina Straut is the creative mind behind FashionTag blog & shop, with a background in Fashion Journalism, and a constant thirst for all fashion, pretty things, sometimes awkward, she loves to get creative, push boundaries, and keep in touch with her audience, whether through her blogposts, her fashion columns in various publications, and now her fave picks from her shop. Together with the shopping-team over at FashionTag they want to give the audience the actual experience of practicing what you read, and dress like one of your fave bloggers, or just get a peak into her fave fashion crushes. If you love clothes and devour them, and constantly fall in love with certain trends, or items, you will ADORE this shop.


#OOTDs at your fingertips. All the things we blog about are now in one place for you to shop and literally get the look. Beautiful clothes to quench that fashion lust.


Amazing prices, great quality, best trendy to staple pieces. Basically it’s a tiny fashion boutique of all those fab clothes you see everywhere that make incredible outfits regardless of personal style.


The price you see is the price you pay, wherever you are in the world, because we know that one of the best feelings in the world is having a full cart of fab clothes that says “0” shipping costs.

Feel free to get in touch with us!

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