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You Can Leave Your Shirt On!

printed-shirt-trend-2013It seems like I’m stuck in tops-land for a while now, and haven’t done a post on bottoms in ages, so let’s just hope it’ll be a wrap with this one. Also, it feels as if we’ve been talking crazy wacky trends quite a bit lately so why not turn to the classics? Feels good for a change to chat about what to wear to the office for instance, rather than how to stand out or get crazy with fashion. It’s staples day on FashionTag so we’re discussing the fashion blessing and the infinite style possibilities of the classic shirt. You know that collar button down top, that used to look so boring a few years ago, stiff, washed out, perfect for channeling Plain Jane? Times have changed my lovelies, and today the shirt/blouse top is one piece to truly make a fashion statement. It’s reinvented, fresh, unconventional, yet classy and smart. It can still be simple & basic, perfect for an understated look, or it can be funky and cool in crazy prints, and fabrics to truly cause a fashion commotion. women-shirtblouse-streetstyleclassic-shirt-styleThough I’ve never paid too much attention to this staple until recently (I know, I know, how silly of me to take it for granted), as habit has it, I now am obsessed with it. Gotta make up for all the times I’ve been a mean bitch to them. I know it’s summer and this shirts and blouses talk is a bit ‘wtf’, but it can get a bit chilly in the mornings and evenings, offices do have a dressing code still, aaaand 2013 shirts & blouses trend is all about the silky thin fabrics. So chill ladies and keep your shirt on. For a bit of cool’ness (both literally as metaphorically) roll up your sleeves. military-shirt-lace-skirt-lookSo what is the shirts trend in 2013? The printed shirts are still on a roll (either small cute prints: dots, lips, bugs; or big photographic prints a la Dolce & Gabbana, inspired from paintings, photos, fauna, birds, nature etc), while black & white shirts are catching up big time. Personally I love these ones. Nothing beats a black & white silky shirt with a pop of red color in shoes, lips or nails. Silky flowy textures, see though fabrics are hot. And the cut that seems to have a hit with us this year is the shorter in front longer at the back, with so many styling options: all tucked in, or just the front, belted, with skinny jeans, shorts, dresses. Limitless! Another styling tip I love for wearing a shirt is accessorizing it with a statement necklace, especially if you button it up all the way. If however, you choose to leave a few buttons out, it would probably look great with longer thinner necklaces. Or you can rock these super feminine tops with earrings and your hair pulled back. Here are a few street style looks for inspiration :) shirt-trend-2013alexa-chung-shirt-sstyleall-red-look-red-shirtblack-shirt-lookprinted-shirt-stylerihanna=-printed-shirtshirt-street-style-lookshirt-lookstreet=style-shirtsbloe-blouse-lookstreetstyle-shirt-trend-2013Paris Fashion Week September 2011blouse-shirt-look-street-styleclassic-white-black-shirt-street-stylesummer-look-shirtwomen-shirt-stykeWhile retail chains and packed with exquisite shirt pieces I sometimes just cannot find one if it kills me, and I do give in to online shopping one too many times. I’m loving the ones at Persunmall’s online boutique right now. From simple to super statement ones, printed, color blocked, classic, you’ve got plenty to choose from if you like… so shop away dolls. printed-shirts-persunmallblack-and-white-shirts-perspersunmall-shirtsFunky prints and crazy cuts or applications aside, and the classic white shirt is still, after decades, our best friend. There’s just something so elegant, crispy, chic and unbelievably sophisticated about the simplicity of a cotton, silk, women’s or man’s for that matter, white button down shirt – that it’s a pity to not make the best of it. And the best look a woman can do sometimes is a white men’s or woman’s shirt with jeans and hot heels. OMG. I absolutely love the look. For extra femininity and boldness add a statement jewellery piece, red lipstick and a cool glam watch. Loads of fashion editors choose to turn up at Fashion Week in such simple yet brilliant looking outfits. Sharon Stone rocked one on the red carpet years ago, so no rules right? white-classic-men-shirt-jeans-lookmiranda-kerr-white-shirtstreet-style-all-white-shirtwhite-shirt-stylestreet-style-white-shirtGet the look here:  Persunmall Online Shop | FacebookTwitter