How About This Combo: Sheer Tops & Bright Bras. YES Or NO?

sheer-top-and-bright-brasMy self inflated ego takes great pride for this trend sticking, cause it was about this time last year, after buying a black maxi dress with spaghetti straps too long for me to NOT wear it with a bra,  that I came up with the idea of wearing bright colored, floral, crazy printed bras underneath anything that common sense dictates to wear with a bra. Sure bustiers work as well. Ah… you had to be such a smart ass about it.

Anyway… I have my friend Julie to witness in my favor on this one. Although, you may just as well disregard the above rant and blame it on a rainy Friday and my delusional self-image. Seriously, I’d do the same, while holding a bitch rest face as TMR stated one of these days.  rihanna hotel 300609Of course it all just may be a case of AGAIN those fucking ’90’s comeback trends, when showing our bras was such a cool thing. Doh. I loved it then (cause I was an idiot), hated it afterwards, and now here I am preaching on behalf of this trend as if I’m the Jehovah witness of exposed bras (no pun intended). What the heck is my excuse today? (idiot alarm going off)


I noticed 2 things being massive hits in retail right now: (1) SHEER TOPS, and (2) BRIGHT or FLORAL BRAS. Putting 1 + 2 together does not a genius make. Well maybe a little bit. Or maybe not. I mean going around in bras is obviously not an option, and wearing sheer tops with nothing underneath cannot happen in the real world. So… there you have it. sheer-top-trend (3)To be honest I don’t even know which of the 3 is more of a trend: the sheer tops, the bright bras, or the combo? 

Sheer tops deserved a comeback. I remember when I was a kid my mom used to wear so many sheer blouses with a black bra underneath, which too is a great option, especially for office. Of course, you have to wear a blazer on top, and keep the seer vision for after work drinks. There is something so incredibly feminine and sexy about a sheer top, that I’m glad they’re back. The way the wind blows through the fabric, the way it conceals & reveals at the same time, the way you’re actually going for the exposed lingerie look but know that going blouse-less is not a option, so you might as well cover up, in sheer though. ;)

It’s elegant, feminine, very sexy, sophisticated and easy to pull off. One sheer top and tons of colored, bright, printed bras can make infinite outfits. Yes, a black bra is the most common option, but I love how a red, pink, neon, and mostly floral bra can be guessed from underneath a sheer top.

Let’s have a look at some sheer tops, bras & bustiers: black-sheer-top-black-brabright-bra-sheer-topexposed-bras-trendvanity nightclub launch 030110exposed-bra-trendhow-to-wear-sheer-topsjason-wu-bustierphoto-33rihanna-mesh-sheer-white-brasheer-top-exposed-bra-trend (2)sheer-top-exposed-bra-trendsheer-top-looksheer-tops-bright-brassheer-tops-bright-bra-trendsheer-tops-trendsheer-top-stylesheer-top-trend (2)sheer-top-trend (4)sheer-top-trend (5)sheer-top-trend (6)sheer-top-trendsheer-top-trendsheer-top-trend-black-brasheer-top-trend-bright-brasheer-top-trend-streetstylestreet-style-3street-style-exposed-brastreet-style-sheer-top-braCheeky, but not as much as bustiers alone. Although with the way things are going, next thing we know it’ll be a faux pas to wear sheer with a bra. What’s the big problemo anyway, they’re just breasts, right?

Happy weekend my lovelies! xoxo