septum-rings-trend (4)The thing about me is I’m never one to shy away from anything. Disliking a trend par example has never stopped me from giving it a try, just cause I wanna know, on my own skin, in my own terms, what the fucking fuss is all about. It usually happens that after the road testing I’m converted to wearing it more than I’d like t admit.

Or not. Depends.

Still… when it comes to body mod, the trigger to doing it has got to be something more than the trend worthiness of it all. Actually it should not have anything to do with the fad of it. Good. Now that we cleared that one out we can focus on calling it like it is though: piercings & tattoos have never been more mainstream than right now. Online articles are supporting the right to wear them regardless of your job, as a form of self expression. Models today are allowed to have them for the same reasons. So, Amen to that! septum-ringsseptum piercingTats, nose studs and ear piercings have always been more common, but today we’re witnessing the rise of the SEPTUM RINGS  to the trend status. In 2013 it was on the runway, dangling luxuriously and opulently between the noses and upper lips of both male and female models, and then it was turned into a fad by celebs like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Zoe Kravitz, FKA Twigs et all. 2014-2015-trend-septum-rings (4)septum-rings-looks (4)septum-rings-looks (5)septum-rings-style (4)septum-rings-trend (14)septum-rings-trend (19)If to the less connaisseurs the septum ring is basically a boring simple piece of jewellery, to us, the sartorial lovers, that is just the starting point. The fun you can have with septum cuffs’ styles is limitless. From tiny pieces in basic cuts, to the most opulent septumn rings out there, with stones and gems and chains and what not, they literally became a statement piece, a bling for your upper lip, or for your nose.2014-2015-trend-septum-rings (8)2014-2015-trend-septum-rings (5)OK, when this fad broke through I was not feeling it at all, cause it seemed to me that it’s too much to don in everyday life. For me. Now, a nose stud pierce, that’s another story. But… I gave the septum ring a try, while out with my friends, and while they were not feeling the look on me (to say the least) I ended up loving it! It was a fake septum ring. I’m not ready for that kind of commitment just yet.

It does feel a bit weird in your nose, but I felt pretty cool, and having dared to rock one (although I do realize the big deal was only for me, to me), empowered me and gave me a feeling of ultimate coolness you kmow. Rockstar vibe or whatever. Yeah… you know what I mean. Stepping out of your comfort zone can actually be quite empowering & rewarding. septum-rings-looks (2)septum-rings-styleGoing for the pierced look or not is entirely up to you, but just so you know, a septum piercing is the only piercing you can actually hide if you wish to, cause you just push the ring in your nose, or turn the cuff inside. If not… you always have the fake septum cuffs to give a try for the trend sake, or to test how you’d actually feel with a real piercing.

Anyway, at the end of the day body mod shouldn’t be about fads and trends, but about expressing yourself, regardless of everything out there.septum-rings-trend (11)2014-2015-trend-septum-rings (7)Since we’re talking fashion here and what’s hot and not out there, we’ll just focus on the fun side of the septum rings and cuffs, be it piercing or fake, as a way up expressing your personal style. Before you go ‘Hell, no!’ on me right now, just have a look at these beautiful people. 2014-2015-trend-septum-rings (6)2014-2015-trend-septum-rings (3)2014-2015-trend-septum-ringsMiu Miu - Paris Fashion Week PAP AW15a0c59a0597d3f7d5736614fea7dd046abody-trends-septum-ringsnose-ringsseptum-piercingsseptum-rings-fashionseptum-rings-looks (3)septum-rings-looksseptum-rings-looksseptum-rings-style (2)septum-rings-style (3)septum-rings-style (5)septum-rings-style (6)septum-rings-style (7)septum-rings-style (8)septum-rings-style (9)septum-rings-style (10)septum-rings-styleseptum-rings-trend (2)septum-rings-trend (3)septum-rings-trend (5)septum-rings-trend (7)septum-rings-trend (6)septum-rings-trend (8)septum-rings-trend (9)septum-rings-trend (10)septum-rings-trend (12)septum-rings-trend (13)septum-rings-trend (16)septum-rings-trend (17)septum-rings-trend (20)septum-rings-trendseptum-rings-trend (21)septum-rings-trendSooooo?! Are they gorgeous or what?

I’m telling you piercings got to me, never thought I’d say this but they did. I’ve always only loved tats, nose studs and ear piercings, but this septum thing might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. What do you think?

Have a great weekend, y’all! xoxo


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    • Jaypit
      Jaypit says:

      It all depends on that undefinable matter of personal style.
      On some people they look horrific and frankly they look uncomfortable wearing them.
      On others they look fantastic and very much part of their overall personality.
      By the way, call them ‘bull rings’ if you must but never ‘cow rings’ as you will never have seen a cow wearing one.

  1. Elliott
    Elliott says:

    Nice blog here! Also your website loads up very fast! What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours lol

  2. Doogie
    Doogie says:

    Trendy wankers. These idiots look absolutely bovine. I bet you posers would wear a sombrero if rihanna started wearing one. Monkey see, monkey do. Get some originality.

    • Nevaeh
      Nevaeh says:

      lol ive had my septum piercing for a few years and im just now realizing it was a trend. i thought it was original and cute, then two weeks ago, a friend of mine made the same comment you did. i am semi tempted to stop wearing mine now.

      • FashionTag
        FashionTag says:

        yeah, i hear you. a lot of the very personal styles are turning into mainstream trends lately. but listen, the reason behind your ring is way different than the trendy/fashion reason others have… so that’s what counts, no?! rock it and be yourself ;) xoxo

  3. Felicia
    Felicia says:

    Loved it! Some of them were a bit too ostentatious for me, but the small simple ones really fit a few of them.

  4. @__Dysexlic__
    @__Dysexlic__ says:

    I have multiple piercings, one of which includes a septum piercing (the ‘bull’ piercing).

    I myself believe that people should stop being so judgemental and snobbish about people with body modifications, as, after all, it’s not our place to dictate to others what they do with their own body.
    I’ve had enough of people looking down on others because they don’t like the fact they’ve actually found some individuality and decided to get piercings, tattoos, or anything similar.

    Oh, and another thing, lasses who decide to get inked or pierced do not lose ‘femininity’. Alternative girls are feminine too, it’s just ignorance and closed-mindedness that forces people to believe otherwise.

  5. Heidi J
    Heidi J says:

    To me, seeing anything coming out of the nose reminds me of … things you usually need a kleenex to clean up. Or it makes me think of a bull. Not pretty. And don’t girls still want to be pretty? I do. I hope this trend doesn’t linger. But your pictures, as always, were very interesting!

  6. histiletto
    histiletto says:

    For supposed beauty, mankind has also ventured into foot-bindings, multiple neck rings, ear lobe sculpting, lip extenders to form bills at the mouth orifice, skin scaring not just from tattoos, but from “artistic” cuttings and or scabbing, and any other inflicted notations to the largest organ of a body. Some people would argue that the extreme looks of bulimia/anorexia or obesity suggest beauty. Clearly it is a matter of choice in the eye of the beholder and/or the presenter. By the way, what business is it of anyone else to decide one’s personal appearance and ornamentation. This a matter that no one else can really know about one’s thought and desire culminations.

    I have some skin markings from some of my life’s experiences, like the scar left from the time I nearly sliced through the knuckle of my thumb with a large knife or the healed gash in my eye brow from running into a bed post at running speed. I find some comfort in the thought that these type of markings usually become personal notes of character building. Through the use of apparel, I have a variety of items that I can make statements or indulge/satisfy my vanity per whatever the mood or preference. Making something as permanent to an appearance as one skin for expression seems too extreme for my tastes. The idea that I can easily change styles into a new look is so much more enticing than having piercings that support some type of jewelry or symbolic gesture.


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