Selfies: Why Face-Focused Jewelry is the Next Big Thing?

Social media has revolutionized many parts of life, but it may be surprising to learn that it is also changing the way you view jewelry. Yes, there is such a thing as selfie-jewelry, and you are going to learn more about this and how to ensure you’re keeping up with the trends. 

How is the Selfie Culture Influencing Jewelry? 

There is no doubt that people are taking more selfies than ever before. People take selfies for all sorts of reasons. Some people like the instant gratification they earn with likes while others do it to exist. No matter the reason, selfies seem to be here to stay, and they are having a number of interesting effects on people.

Selfies are addictive for all sorts of reasons; for one, they help boost mood and confidence, which is pretty interesting, but their effect extends beyond that. The way you view jewelry and what you end up purchasing is starting to change simply because you love to take selfies.

Social media has made it pretty easy for people to let go of bracelets, necklaces, and some body jewelry in order to replace them with face-focused jewelry. The main reason people take selfies is to showcase their face, which is the reason jewelry that helps bring more attention to the face is rising in popularity. This is not to say that people are not buying other types of jewelry, but there is definitely a difference worth pointing out. 

How is Jewelry Evolving Through Social Media? 

It is obvious why people like jewelry that can help highlight the face, but there are a few evolutions that you should pay attention to stay in-the-know.

For example, it seems that earrings such as studs are now being sold individually. The reason is that more people like mismatching as it helps to make a selfie more special.

What is more is that people are attempting to buy studs that are unique, even customized to make sure that their selfie stands out from the rest. Of course, this is leading many fashionistas to sites where customized jewelry is possible like

The importance of drawing attention to the face goes beyond the ears in this new selfie world. There are some people who are turning to other types of piercings that some have thought to be relatively dated like lip piercings, eyebrow piercings, and nose piercings. Some of the earrings or studs used in these piercings are quite small, but there is a number of people who are beginning to use large statement earrings like the giant hoop nose rings that connects to one of your earlobes.

It is important to point out that the secret to taking a great selfie with your new piercing is going to take work. You cannot simply pierce your ears or nose and expect to have great selfies because you still have to take lighting, make-up, and even your hair into account.

Those who do decide to get piercings to take interesting selfies should consider the importance of good photography to ensure you get the most out of your photographs.

You should also pay attention to the stones you choose to use in your jewelry pieces because they can make a difference. For example, a professionally cut diamond piece can make you look stunning simply because diamonds, captured correctly, can look like you are wearing stars. Be sure to think about all of these details as you jump into this new face-focused jewelry trend that does not seem to be slowing down.

xoxo D.