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Accessorizing your outfit is one of the best ways to personalize it and stand out from the crowd even wearing pretty regular clothing items. It’s not expensive either… of course, if you’re not a pashmina fan. You can choose from a high variety of scarves, having different textures, prints and fabrics to suit your wardrobe all year long.

So here we have the winter scarves to keep us warm during the cold season. You can wear them in a loose tie style, with the ends hanging at your front or wrapped around your neck… you can also choose fur (fake) ;) to keep you warm. You can always pair a spring scarf with a winter coat, remember the “No rules” rule? :)



fur-scarf-styleYou can add some happiness to your outfit by wearing your favorite color scarf. You can wear it even with your business outfit and match it with your lipstick or nail polish, you don’t have to be as grey as all your other colleagues… be the one who brings some color to a boring office atmosphere.

green-scarf-styleAnd here’s the famous Russian print scarf. When I was little, it used to be a must have among grannies :) …  and now, it’s a fashion trend and I love it, you just need to have a bit of imagination to pair it with the right items. I would wear it with a leather jacket, a white t-shirt, skinny jeans and high heels for a classy chic style or even sneakers for a casual trendy style. russian-scarf-stylescarves-street-stylePlaid scarf and animal print shoes, nice choice :) scarf-style-trendAnd of course animal print scarves, you can wear them to add that little something to your outfit, or you can mix them with printed trousers (flower print let’s say)… wear a plain top though. scarf-fashion-styleanimal-print-scarfIf you want a scarf that enhances your clothes with a luxurious look and adds elegance to your outfit, the silk scarf is the perfect way to go.

scarf-men-styleIf you want to try something different in terms of fashion, here are some ways to play with this item and wear it as a hair accessory. You can wear it as a summer accessory adding a bit of jazz to your style or use it to cover your head on a bad hair day ;) Choose a nice print or color to match your outfit and you’ll have a look to catch the eyes :) head-wrap-scarvesscarf-head-wrap-stylescarf-head-wrapphotos from:;;; 

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  1. Ella
    Ella says:

    Inspiring article. Scarves add a splash of style to any outfit. My favorites were the Russian print scarf and the gorgeous blue paisley that followed.

  2. caroline1t
    caroline1t says:

    Yay for my obsession…. Well one of them anyway. I need to learn to tie one around my head. I like the look but haven’t been able to master it yet! (that could be a hint for a request post)

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina)
      Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      hey I know what u mean, actually i did a post on head wrap styles a while ago

      but i’ll see how i can do an update on that one. Love the head wrap style, though i haven’t wore it yet. need a bit of courage to pull it off. hmm, could try an outfit post in the future :) Thanks Caroline! xx

  3. Ana Dorogan
    Ana Dorogan says:

    Speaking about “Russian Print”, I’m actually wearing my grandmothers scarf that looks a bit like the white flowery scarf only it’s black with red roses and green leafs! I absolutely love the print, it’s one of my favorite items in my closet. I get numerous complements on it and everyone wants to know where did I buy it :)


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