Looking back on may wedding day, if there’s one thing I’d do differently it’s to focus more on us, and our moment than the event itself. And I have a wild guess a lot of married couples would do things differently on the day, if not decor, dress, or momentum wise, then budget wise 100%. I mean it’s our day, the day we supposedly dreamed about ever since the earth was round (I didn’t really, but most people do)… so it’s only natural to wanna splurge on your wedding day. But when it’s all over and guests are gone… trust me the memories of fun, of you two, of family and friends are more important than any decor, designer dress, band, or venue.

I’m not saying go cheap and have a wedding at your home (unless you want to of course), I’m just saying be more balanced and PLAN in advance. Saving for your wedding day on all levels is a thing and very doable.

Is there a way to having the cake and eating it too? Can you have your dream wedding without going in debt? As a forever optimist and lover of planing I’m saying a big bold YES on these. And also speaking from experience and own mistakes…

Is the mantra less is more still gold when it comes to weddings? I don’t know about you, but for me saving for your wedding day is very doable IF you know what you want AND what you don’t want.

Here’s my little guide to save you a few bucks and headaches.


Choose a venue that is classic and needs the least of work or decor. Stick to white, neutrals, beige, even black or darker tones, that you can personalise with small DIY flowers or decor. You can have your wedding at your local restaurant, in your home garden, or a terrace… whatever feels right for you do it. Saving for your wedding day can be done and usually starts with the venue.

Paying close attention to details like: nice chairs, elegant tablecloths, nice silverware saves you a LOT of money. If the venue has these by default you’re in luck. A good floor, good lighting (that can go from bright to dim), nice walls, ceiling is also important. I’m a firm believer in white and light neutrals. They make everything look expensive, are good for photos as they bounce back the light, and can be ‘dressed’ up or down with decor.


Don’t splurge on expensive details. The details DO make all the difference but keep in mind less is more. You can DIY floral centrepieces, different one for each table for example, or just simple pretty bouquets in vases. Choose nice subtle details for your table, and go for glam, luxe, boho, chic, classic depending what your wedding is like. (trust me I know it’s hard. As a ‘more is not more’ kinda gal I totally get the struggle.) Keep it simple. Good taste. Make sure it looks nice in photos too. And use Pinterest for inspiration. Or contract somebody who’s just starting out, they’ll have lower rates and it’s a win win for both parties.

Personally I’m all about flowers and only flowers. Unless the rest is cheap but looks expensive or there’s a DIY option.


The food and drink is tres importante. So if there’s one thing I would pay major attention to it’s the menu. Let it reflect you two, but also pay attention to your guests. A full stomach and drinks flowing keeps the fun alive and party going.

A candy bar is a must. Keep it cute and tasty.

Then when it comes to the menu know what you want: traditional, sea-food, finger foods, course, how many, etc. Never be cheap when it comes to food, and always do a tasting before.

Drinks wise… have a bar of pretty much everything. Or give fun options of cocktails with cute/fun/funky names that are entertaining for your guests.

And remember a nice presentation is KEY.


The most important thing about a wedding dress is for it to be comfortable and flattering. With that said… don’t go overboard with the spending, there’s sooo many options in small boutiques, even high street… the key is to know what you want and usually to stick to classic. Also my tip here is that before you commit to buying go and try out as many styles and cuts and designs as you can, to have a better idea of what you want and don’t want.

Personally I’m all for mermaid dresses and styles inspired by it. It flatters most body types, its classic, it’s super elegant and sexy, and looks amazing with both a long or short veil.

Wedding day outfit details are super important: nails, hair, makeup, shoes, jewellery.

Hair and makeup: I’m all for natural with a dash of elegant, glam, boho-chic depending on your style. DON’T do something you never wear… go as yourself.

Jewellery wise keep it simple. If you want statement earrings… wear just those. If you want cuffs do those. Elegance looks better over the years.

Shoes wise… comfort and sass. It’s a struggle I hear you, and can’t say it’s an easy and doable one but you can certainly try to find the perfect pair that has it all.

We all want a perfect wedding, perfectly organised, perfectly timed, everything going smooth… but remember it’s all about you two, so make it special and have it reflect you as a couple. The rest will follow. Figure out what matters most and less to you and start spending accordingly… some things just look better on paper, some things turn out to not be such a good idea… it’s always about balance and research for the best solution.


If there’s one thing I’m taking from my wedding is that keeping it classic for me was key. We had a good wedding, and only hired a floral company, music and photography… the rest was pretty flexible and not too over the board. With that said looking back I’d still maybe cut on some unnecessary details (read money) AND HAVE MORE FUN with my husband!

xoxo D.



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