In Case You Were Wondering…

santorini-style-shades… if I fell off the face of the Earth or what, sorry to break it down to you but no. Here I am back to you my lovelies whom I’ve missed tremendously in my summer holiday. Actually honeymoon (woop woop) as I got married a month ago. To the ever stressful question and decision of where to go to, and tan our butts, drink fancy drinks, make love not war, and strut our bikini bods – my husband and I gave in to the so called Honeymooners spot Santorini, Greece. Cliche you say? Ha, beat you to it, right before purchasing this trip. Let me tell you, if this is what cliches are all about, then keep ’em coming. The place is beyond amazing. It has it all, a bit for each spirit and type of person, and as legend has it, Santorini comes with a curse: he/she who comes once to this place, will forever return. Thank God! So you might be wondering what’s up with this post, as I don’t usually share personal stuff (I just don’t think anyone cares to be honest with you), but this time I decided (with a slight cringe I confess) to make an exception in the hope that your voyeuristic preferences and intact, and let my narcissism kick in. I’ll be doing not one, but 3 posts on my Santorini honeymoon (I know, right? once you pop you can’t stop), but beware… have super low expectations as I do not have a proper camera (that’s on my list asap). So the best thing to do is to let your imagination run as free as it can, cause the pics are just a mere reflection of this island’s beauty. pool=santorini-greece-zephiros-hotelpool-view-santorinioia-santoriniPlus I had a compulsive proneness of ruining most of them by popping in every time, to my husband’s despair, as every new spot had turned into my new fashion setting, and I was doing poses over poses in the hope he’d click the camera button on my best face and body moment. By the 3rd or 4th day he’d totally refused to take more than a few shots per excursion, arguing that ”Nothing captures your memories better than your mind and eyes, so pay attention and take it all in, rather than obsess about poses and spots.” (read with caps on). Ah… men! old-church-santoriniThe little dramas were just that, tiny incidents compared to the adventure ahead of us… Upon arrival 2 misfortunes were brought to our attention: 1. we were booked for 1 night in a different hotel than the one we’d requested, but apart from the hassle and stress it all turned out fine, as both accommodations were beyond fantastic. 2. The Island was in DARKNESS. No, no. No metaphors here, we literally had no electricity for a few days, as there had been an accident at some factory and their generator or power switch had crashed. But who needs electricity in a honeymoon, right? Fuck that. Candle light and romantic walks under the moon – now that’s a honeymoon by the book. Civilization is so overrated, I mean who needs to eat fresh food at dinner, or take a warm shower, or flush the toilets? It was quite the adventure & fun in the end, as well as a bit humbling when you realize how little & fragile we all are should something big happen. We are all so dependent on the things we take for granted that at the end of the day such an adventure had its life lesson and laughter in it. The Greeks were resourceful people and a few nights ended up being the best we’ve had: all the cafes and restaurants by the sea were lighted by candles, and live acoustic music took front stage at almost every spot on the island. Magical. oia-architecturesummer-morning-lookDid I keep my promise to pack light?… lightER. YES. I’ve lived in my 2 bathing suits, cutoffs, and cropped tops. Though I had so many maxi dresses with me, I only wore 2 of them (no pics as my hubby refused to play Mr. Photographer), never a skirt (had 3), once I’ve worn a beach dress, and always had flip flops or flat sandals on. Heels? No way. It’s definitely not the place for super glamorous looks, hence the reason behind my simple/sporty looks. I did get a couple of glam impulses but killed them right in time to avoid looking ridiculous. pyrgos-santoriniThe pics in this post are all from our first excursion in Santorini, visiting Pyrgos, an old village which bares one of the island’s 5th Venetian fortress/Castles. Narrow streets take you to beautiful hidden places where white cold caves shelter tiny houses with blue painted windows and doors. The rest is all white. Fluid white architecture, that seems to follow no rules other than nature’s own way of carving its beauty into those places. All is a mirror and a proof of the people’s friendly character and that Greek meets Italian spirit of dolce far niente. The lack of privacy allows you to see families at dinner time, having fish and white wine on their terraces half a meter away from the streets you’re walking on. They all greet you with kind smiles and the super familiar Yasas (Hello in Greek), as if you’re just an old friend that usually passes by their home at dinner time.

I was wearing my old dark denim cutoffs and my H&M bag, cropped top and FashionTag name necklace. my-santorini-adeventurepyrgos-santorini (2)santorini-Fashiontagsantorini-greecesantorini-summer-look-avitors-sporty-looksantorini-streetssantorini-vacation-pyrgosnewP.S. If you hate the heat, this is not the place to be. Or it is… after sunset when it gets really cool.

Which brings me to the next spot we’ve visited – Oia – the place in Santorini that everyone knows, where the best sunsets in the world happen and the most famous beach sunsets pics are taken. And it is for sure as they say and so much more. Will tell you more about this place in tomorrow’s post, when I’ll be sharing some thoughts on the food & fashion in Santorini. oia-sunsetsantorini-housessantorini-seasantorini-sunsetsantorini-sunset-oiasantorini-villassummer-holiday-look1234Hope you enjoyed this post, cause I’ve got 2 more coming (beach time and visiting the capital Thira) with extra info on this amazing Island.

Feels good to be back! xoxo