Are You Ready To… Ruffle?

street-style-rufflesAllow me to be slightly skeptical on this one. While the Ruffle Trend for 2013 Spring/Summer was huge (and amazing) on the catwalk (I’m still head over heels over Chloe, Gucci & Balenciaga‘s collections) I honestly feel that its transition to the streets has not made the fashion intended waves. Could it be that Ruffles are too ’80’s reminiscent? Or too girly? Or maybe it’s just me, because the 2013 ruffle reinterpretation is more architectural, structured and less frilly or borderline kitsch. Besides, today’s fashion main trait is that it allows us to get creative with a trend and mix it more easily into our style and personality. What we get then is a sea of Ruffle options: ruffled tops (busy or super subtle), ruffled skirts, dresses, shorts, bags, or even shoes… .  And that is fantastic especially for those who feel a bit overwhelmed by the idea of draping themselves in this flamenco attire. On the other hand a bit of ruffle will make an outfit more feminine and less stiff, making it look like you’re having loads of fun with fashion. The risk of looking like you’re stuck in your 80’s prom or channeling your inner clown might not be so inherent if you find that fashion balance. I know I always encourage everyone to fuck all fashion rules, but… there might just be a few cases when it’s better to be smart about it, rather than wild and flipping the bird all over the place. ruffle-trendSometimes balance is the keyHow To Balance Your Ruffles?

First of all, forget over-accessorizing (I’m getting all teary just thinking about it), if you don’t want to look like a psychedelic doll, that is. So, let’s begin with tops. Big ruffles that frame the face look great with your hair pulled back, and with the rest of your outfit rather simple. If the ruffles are silky, feminine and floaty, the top would probably look fab with jeans and heels (for a posh sophisticated look) of flats (ballet, loafers or brogues) for a bit more chic man-meets-woman look. Not too bad actually. You could probably done the top-ruffle-look for both office (with a pencil skirt or tapered trousers) or for out-of-work style, from going out evenings to summer beach looks, weekend strolls et all. Structured ruffles may be harder to pull off, but not impossible. Same architectural rules apply: keep your body balanced.

gucci-ruffle-topruffle-topsruffled-leather-jacket-street-styleruffles-look-editorialsruffle-tank-topruffle-top-lookruffle-trendruffle-trend-2013-catwalkOr you might just want to do ruffles on skirts which again is all about equilibrium, though I have to say, ruffle skirts sound much more appealing for some reason. My fave look: ruffled girly skirt balanced by a simple top and ankle boots. Sort of boho chic borderline rocknroll chick. ruffle-long-skirt-lookruffle-skirts-trendruffle-skirt-look (2)ruffle-skirt-lookruffle-trend-ruffled-skirtstreetstyle-ruffle-skirtstreet-style-ruffle-skirtruffles-trend-summer-2013And what about ruffle dresses? Now… in this case, forget all I said. (I know I can get slightly inconsistent). Summer ruffle short dresses look amazing! They’re both girly and sexy, both flirty and feminine and can go from morning to evening with any type of shoes. I simply adore a tiny dress in one color with floaty silky ruffles, tiny spaghetti strings and bare back. Stiletto sandals and a sexy attitude will complete this party look. ruffle-trend-2013-dressesruffle-dressruffle-dress-lookruffle-dress-styleruffle-dress-trend-2013ruffles-trend-2013ruffles-trend-catwalk-2013ruffle-style-dressruffle-trend-dress (2)ruffle-trend-dressstreet-style-ruffle-dressstreet-style-ruffle-dress-trendstreet-style-rufflesCan you ever get over-the-top with ruffles?

Well… yeah. If you’re a model in an editorial you can. Just have a look at the pics below and you might just (like myself) fall for the ruffle look. Big dresses with ruffled never-ending trains that cover entire stairs and floors look dramatic and beautiful. Yeah. We’ll be wearing those errr… wait. Never. ruffle-dress-look-2013ruffle-evening-dressruffle-look-2013-trendruffle-trend-2013Ruffles are THE trend this season all right, and though I can accept a few frills here and there, I’m not yet sold on this look. It tends to translate into a bit of a teenage look (which I’m light years distance from) and may look a bit too prom queen’ish for me, or too overwhelming. On the other hand ruffles may help create volume and curves where some of us were less blessed. So I guess it is a trend to keep an eye on. Which I might be doing in the hope that eventually (before the deadline expires, read Fall 2013) I get hooked. Though knowing myself I’ll probably be 2 steps behind this one. Debate-with-myself aside, I’m curious where all you lovely beauties stand on this one…