Round And Round And Round We Go, Baby!

round-sunglasses-street-style (5)This is not a dance (although we could make it), nor a talk on the complicated circles of life in general, with its mundane rat races. No. This is a very laid back and fun chat about ROUND SUNGLASSES! Why? Well… first of all cause I’m on holiday and beach attire is mainly the only thing on my mind, and second because I just figured we’d better talk shades, since they’re the #1 all-year-round-accessory, and get to the bottom of why round sunglasses are so coveted right now.

They still are right? round-sunglasses-look (5)I feel like the weirder, funkier, edgier an item is today, the most likely it’ll stick and drive fashionistats insane with getting the look and styling it up to their own moods and outfits. ALL sunglasses are in, from wayfarers, to cat eyes, to printed, mirrored, aviators, bejeweled, massive, funny shaped, so… a return to the sunnies made famous by John Lennon is not such a big surprise.

Oh… I’m sorry, did you think round shades were courtesy of our present times?


After Lennon, it were the 90s who revived this round glasses trend, when everyone who was alive on this planet knew that rounds were the coolest thing to have. They went so well with those band tees, bed-hair, summer boots, and grungy sad moods. 90style-round-glassestumblr_lw3dl2WQJ41qax0bvo1_500Forward a few years, give the rounds a break in the meantime and what do you say,what do you know? They’re back, looking more fresh and incredibly posh than ever. Yes… quite posh and glamed up if you will, for a pair of shades that stood for rocknroll times, hippie culture and a general coolness of rebellious kids. I guess that’s what happens when Chanel and other massive designers start borrowing from subcultures. Everything that was once done mainly by those with fashion je-m’en-fiche’ísm and a set of sartorial balls, will eventually be done by the exact opposite people for trend reasons & looking up to date with the latest fads in town. round-sunniesNot that there’s anything wrong with that. Au contraire… the more I think about it, the more I realize it’s a fucking fashion paradise we’re living in. How so?

Well… if you’re say, a quirky funky fashion lova do the massive round shades, the vintage styles, the weird looking ones with no regards as to how they fit your face shape or clothes. Or do the exact opposite: go for tiny tiny round shades. Whatever the masses aren’t doing that’ll be your thing. round-sunglasses-look (6)round-sunglasses-street-style (10)If you’re a sophisticated girl with cool & effortlessly chic moods you’ll probably love to wear round sunglasses to music festivals, when you pair them with hippie inspired outfits (maxi dresses, short floral skirts & bustier tops, cutoffs, boots, gladiator shoes, flowers in your hair), or on a daily basis with your high waisted jeans, funky tops, long nails and bold lips. round-sunglasses-street-style (7)round-sunglasses-trendIf you’re more of a classic style lova, but like a bit of  razzmatazz to your looks, pick big sleek round sunglasses styles, that have that retro-diva-thing written all over them. round-sunglasses-look (4)round-sunglasses-look (7)If you’re none of the above… or you’re all of them: do the damn rounds anyway. Or especially. They’re different than your regular common styles (although they’re staring to be pretty regular themselves), and they give a slight coolness & edge to ANY outfit as different in style as it may be from them. round-sunglasses-street-style (6)Assuming y’all love these rounds, there’s only one problem left: not everyone can wear them. Cause you know, not all of us have perfect face shapes that allow us to just slap a pair of weird sunnies on them and get away with it.

Buuut, I have perhaps found le little secret: bigger round sunglasses fit any face shape much better than smaller shapes. It’s all about trying on as many styles & even colors as possible until you stumble on the right one for you. If the cats can do them so can we. ;) round-sunglasses-trend-style (2)

Let’s have a look at more styles: round-sunglasses-trend-style (5)round-glassesround-shadesround-sunglasses-look (2)round-sunglasses-look (3)round-sunglasses-lookround-sunglasses-street-style (2)round-sunglasses-street-style (3)round-sunglasses-street-style (4)round-sunglasses-street-style (8)round-sunglasses-street-style (9)round-sunglasses-street-styleround-sunglasses-trend (2)round-sunglasses-trend (3)round-sunglasses-trend-style (4)round-sunglasses-trend-style (6)round-sunglasses-trend-style (7)round-sunglasses-trend-stylesunglasses-trend-round-framAnd now let’s do the round and round and round we go sunglasses dance. LOL :)