How To Dress For A Rooftop Party?

Ermm… first of all don’t bother. And second off all don’t go. Problemo solved. The world has had enough of summer parties, and drunken monologues, and whatever else comes with the intoxicating heat and beverages, right? Uh-huh… WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.

(No. It’s not a typo, just making sure you got the ‘wrong’ right.)

There are never too many summer parties, no such thing. Nor too many sartorial problems related to them. In fact they’re the only problems we salute and embrace.

So to the above question… I’m afraid I have quite a few notes, none of which will be tremendously helpful, but… as a promise to a very dear reader of this blog I will definitely try to come up with a few ideas for rooftop party outfits.

boho-summer-rooftop-party-look rooftop-party-fashion

First of all I have never in my life, ever, by any means, in my dreams, nor reality, sober or intoxicated, have ever ever ever been to a rooftop party. Yes… I am well aware we are on Earth circa 2015. And no, I am not an alien. In my defence, I have been to a lot of other parties, and when I say a lot, I mean like A LOAD. A billion of such events marked by mainly 2 things: fashion and debauchery. I enjoy both quite the same.

So really how different can a rooftop party be from the circus I’ve attended so far?

Exactly my point.

They say the key to looking the part is always dressing for the occasion. But they also say it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. AND they also say comfort beats fashion-trends. So what the hell do they say anyway? What is actually true in all this?

A bit of all, and none really if you ask me. Par example, let’s take my case (I’m working on my egotistical side, okay?): when I don’t know what to wear, like I am in a bloody fashion crisis, already running late and all, I ask myself: ‘what would Rihanna wear?’ 

Now let’s all take a moment and laugh our asses off. OK. Good. Now we can move on. Of course the only thing in common I have with my style icon right now is the fact that we’re both girls, we both have two eyes, lips, 2 legs, 2 arms, are pretty tall, talk, drink on occasion, sleep, eat. So you see… we do have quite a lot in common. And she’s really a life saviour when I’m in a stressful sartorial mood.

I may have stressed this one a bit too much, but you know what I mean. Rihanna’s style to me is pretty much my moodboad: she’s edgy, never ridiculous, she’s style adventurous, uber hot, trendy but original, she does her own thing regardless of anything and anyone. And she has fun doing it.

And THAT is what I’s talking about.

rooftop-party-outfits-style rooftop-party-outfits

The way I see it ROOFTOP PARTIES can either be 1). outdoor clubs, where people go to have drinks, mingle and dance, which means outfits should be somewhere between urban cool and summer music festivals, usually no stiletto heels, nor pretty cute little dresses.

OR 2). rooftop parties can be this Gossip Girl meets Sex and the City scene, where it’s all about tall champagne glasses, sophisticated dresses or sultry jumpsuits, fuck-me-now heels, and perfect hair.

In either case, just do you, and rock your own shit, and if by mistake or not you end up a Gossip Girl at Coachella, or a Coachella kid in Sex and the City, own it!

With a few flicks, tricks, nips, and tucks I may have come up with a tiny list of a few rooftop party outfits for this summer. And I think… I just might have to attend one. Just to cross it off my list, you know.

rooftop-party-outfits-2 rooftop-party-outfits-3 rooftop-party-outfits-4

Trendy and relaxed, I’m-here-to-party-and-have-fun-but-excuse-me-while-I-look-fab-doing-so look. This one’s about feeling comfortable but pretty, and kinda sexy. It’s super casual and relaxed with details that betray your penchant for fashion.

Cutoffs and a spaghetti strap cami, or a crop top, or a bare back peasant blouse, tennis shoes, or sandals, a few thin layered necklaces, a few knuckle rings. This is simple, but cute outfit.

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Boho-chic queen. Lace, white dresses, denim or leather vest, ankle boots or gladiator sandals, flowers in your hair, tons of rings.

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Ghetto-glam queen meets urban badass. This I LOVE. It’s so rad, and it’s got so much swag without much effort going into it, it’s great. It’s like you basically do you, and show up at this party with no fashion effort whatsoever, but nail it 100%.

Cutoffs, or boyfriend tee dress, sequins, sneakers, tennis shoes or even heels, crop tops, shirt dresses and tennis shoes, long-see-through vests and high waisted short-shorts, platform heels, bold accessories.

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Sophisticated woman on top of her game. I would wear a simple yet major statement dress and a pair of stiletto sandals. Red lips and low ponytail and then that’s it. My drink in my hand, duh, but other than that nada.

I’m thinking simple fluid dresses or those 90s cami style ones.

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The blogger look. It’s gotta be either denim shorts and a loose top with ankle boots or espadrilles, OR a fab romper in either black with a bare back, or floral print. Platform, or heels might work.

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And now let’s get insoooooo.


rooftop-party-outfits-5 rooftop-party-outfits-6 summer-party-looks-23 summer-party-looks-22 summer-party-looks-21 summer-party-looks-20 summer-party-looks-18 summer-party-looks-16 summer-party-looks-15 summer-party-looks-13 summer-party-looks-10 summer-party-looks-5 summer-party-looks-6 summer-party-looks-7 summer-party-looks-8 summer-party-looks-9 summer-party-looks-4 summer-party-looks-2 summer-party-looks-1 rooftop-party-outfits-10 rooftop-party-outfits-9 rooftop-party-outfits-7 rooftop-party-outfits-8

Well darn it, I’ve done it again. I’ve basically managed the impossible: I came up with even more excuses to attend parties. Didn’t think it was possible, but I do surprise myself as well on occasion.