Do you want to update your look, at least when it comes to your style? If you do, you may not just want to explore the hottest fashion trends in clothes, but also the most recent styles in fashion accessories. Fashion add-ons are swiftly getting more popular, specifically in the celebrity-obsessed modern culture. However, […]

When it comes to anything great these days (fashion, food, kisses, and love) apparently the French know it best. And when it comes to fashion for your little pet it’s French Bullevard who knows what’s best. This New York City luxury accessory brand is dedicated to dogs, with a special mention to French bulldogs, and […]

Aside from my #GymOutfit situation the title of today carries another Q: could a gym outfit, be more than a gym outfit?  If we can be anything we wanna be, why can’t our outfits do the same? There’s only one thing greater than finding a great shop, and that’s finding a great shop that has […]

All summer, we read fashion and health articles encouraging us to wear sunglasses – both to look great and to protect our eyes. And this goes double if we require prescription lenses. Eyewear fashion is bigger than ever, and glasses and sunglasses aren’t just seen as accessories anymore – they are an absolute fashion essential. […]

Most women love to shop and even call themselves shopaholics, but some men love to shop as well. In today’s world, there are all kinds of ways to go shopping and there are so many different things you can shop for from designer clothing to electronics to even restaurants. Shopping is just one of those […]

Since fall is here, and it is time to start dressing yourself a lot warmer with a lot more layers, you are probably planning to visit your local store to look for some new items for your wardrobe. But if you want to be stylish, well-dressed and be confident of looking fashion-forward, you need to […]

If you’re a fan of the latest cult film – Suicide Squad – this post is for you. If you’re also constantly torn between 2 jackets (colours) this too is a post you will love, cause like nothing else out there the jacket I’m wearing today caters to two loves. In this case wearing both […]

For some of us we’ve literally grown up on Disney cartoons and characters!  Be it Donald Duck, Alladin, Mickey Mouse or Adriana from “The Little Mermaid”, every character comes with a certain degree of authenticity to its nature and depicts complete innocence and magic! Most of all look at a Disney character and your heart […]

Computer and calendar, cold glass or synthetic materials, boring neutral colours: standard decoration of most offices. Indeed, it seems that our ideas and personalities cannot be expressed in the workplace. But that is not true. There are more and more designers and manufacturers to come in this field, with the aim of giving more choices […]

As a traveller, at some point you are going to need accommodation to get you through the night. And that too must be kept within the entire travel budget. Whether you are a sightseer or a traveler who is forced to transit to another city, you need to know what to consider before choosing a […]