Retro Dresses: 3 Styles To Shop & Rock

Must be all the past-inspired series I’m watching, or my 60’s and 70’s music obsession but, like never before, I’m exploring new sartorial waters, and I’m loving every minute of it. Who knew, I – a woman so plugged in into what’s hot and what’s not – could find such style pleasure in retro inspired looks?

I’m not yet fully converted, and I’m still quite fond of my strong opinionated self – so I know too well what I love and what I don’t retro wise. Even so, half-way in or not, I’m pretty fascinated and slowly falling for three retro looks, all of which can be easely achieved with dresses. 

Online shopping and browsing is another obsession and work skill of mine, so when looking for retro affordable dresses to start polishing my retro #OOTDs I went to Sammy Dress the online hub you guys already know. And BAM! I found my piece of heaven for the 3 retro looks I’m trying to master these days.

The 50s Retro Look. With full midi dresses, cinged at the waist, incredibly feminine and very very chic, this look is the definition of retro-chic. It’s all about the cut of the dress, that 50s classic style, and then… for a more personal approach you need to explore patterns, colours, and different upper-part-designs.

You can go classic monochromatic in solid one colour dress (reds and dark blues, or pastels are fab), OR you can chose a very bright floral dress, which screams summer.

street-style-retro-dresses-10 retro-dresses sammydress-retro street-style-retro-dresses-14 retro-dress street-style-retro-dresses-16

The 70s Flowy Retro. To me this is my ultimate favourite. It’s the definition of sexy-efforltess-feminine. The dresses are so light, and so fluid, in one colour or an explosion of prints of all sorts. The cut is A-line usually, mid-length or even longer, cinged at the waist, and perfectly worn with high heels, and messy hair.

It’s Studio 54 meets Diane Von Furstenberg in a very glam but casual sort of look.

retro-dresses-sammy-dress street-style-retro-dresses-12 street-style-retro-dresses-8 street-style-retro-dresses-4 street-style-retro-dresses-2 street-style-retro-dresses-9

The 60s Sexy Girl. Twiggy alert and fresh je m’en fiche mixed with Jane Birkin in tiny little dresses that barely cover up the bum. This look is so young and girly it’s the best for girls who love mini dresses. The cut is square, tube styles, with cap sleeves, and retro prints. They look amazing with those chunky heels or flat shoes with thick soles.

Get the look here: Retro Dresses 

sammy-dress-60s-style-dresses street-style-retro-dresses-11 street-style-retro-dresses-1 street-style-retro-dresses-5 street-style-retro-dresses-15 street-style-retro-dresses-13 street-style-retro-dresses-6

We live in the times of retro revival with a huge emphasis on the 70s, but with a greater than ever celebration of personal style, so if you dig retro do it.

Have a great week my loves.