‘Life Is Art In Motion’: In Redbubble Leggings & Tee

Crushing over the same things over and over and over and over again is definitely my #1 strength (and weakness). But leave it to fashion to add more insult to injury, and turn me into an even more inconsistent, troubled, and constantly falling mess over new pieces. I am known to have a soft spot for street art, white T-shirts, lipstick, poems, bling, urban style, life, funky prints, clashing looks, music, films, disgusting food, Jack. Uh… I will probably stop here with my guilty pleasures sharing.

Constantly on the prowl for that ONE who can sum up all the above has paid off eventually, courtesy of REDBUBBLE – the online marketplace for independent artist-designed products. The brand that has the perfect mix of ALL the above. It’s life and art and fashion in a bubble.

Check out their amazing ART IN MOTION Redbubble video that’ll give you a perfect glimpse of what they stand for.

redbubble-thefashiotag-look streetart-redbubble-fashiontag

They’re packed with fab products printed with uber cool designs from top artists, and my bet is, whatever you love – a film, a quote, a piece of art, of pop art, urban moment, a song – you will find an item that’s printed with it and you’ll fall for it. Whether it’s a T-shirt, a pair of Redbubble leggings, a bag, stationary, cases, home decor – they have it all, for men, women, and kids.

Basically you will end up wearing what you love, what speaks to you, and defines your tastes in anything. And that’s the beauty of it, if you ask me. You’ll rock an outfit that means something, not a high street retail chain uniform, not a necessarily trendy look, au contraire  a personal style statement.

redbubble-look redbubble-outfit

We’re not trendsetters or trend followers. Inspiration doesn’t come in a box, it comes in a bubble. So, slip into something a little more — not mass produced and let your imagination run wild, do cartwheels, breakdance and just shake its moneymaker.

Because life is art in motion.

And so are you.


It was just recently that they’ve gifted me with a white T-shirt and a pair of wild red printed Redbubble leggings hot as fire, that I styled and shot with my girl just yesterday evening, both of us riding around town like headless chickens on the hunt for the perfect street corner (urban graffiti DOH), trying not to miss the magic hour.

It missed us to be honest, as the sky preferred to take a shade of grey rather than pink-red sunset. Unstoppable demented chicas they call us, so… we beat the shades of grey, the rain, and bravely avoided a tiny car bump at the red light, thanks to our batmobile. Cause, aside from us two being a scene from ‘Sex and The City’, and her, a photographer, she’s also apparently a ‘Fast & Furious’ driver. You’re welcome girlfriend.

The evening was beautifully topped off by sipping on lemonades, parading in my Redbubble outfit, while eyeballing at the pics she took. Shut-the-front-door ah-mazing!

leggings-redbubble printed-leggings-streetstyle redbubble-t-shirt-style

I am wearing:

  • Black Cloud T-shirt in white (please observe the name, in tune with the weather #lol), because 1) I adore white tees, and 2) I’m a bit of a storm myself. The quality is great, 100% cotton slim fitting masterpiece.
  • The Beauty of Papua Redbubble Leggings I fell for in an instant, cause 1) they’re art in motion, and 2) the print is insane ‘this girl is on fire’-kind. The fabric is fantastic as it’s thick and elastic, you can’t see a damn thing through them. They’ve got this slightly rubber elastane vibe to them, high waist, and they can pass as pants with no problemo.

And now the pics.


leggings-redbubble redbubble-art-leggings-tee redbubble-blogger-look

leggings-outfit-redbubble redbubble-leggings-blogger-look redbubble-leggings-tee redbubble-t-shirt redbubble-thefashiontag-outfit redbubble-white-t-shirt-leggings street-style-graffitti white-tee-style street-style-leggings

So girls and boys, if you’re into street style, art, statement, unique pieces, with an urban twist to them, check out REDBUBBLE Shop here. 

And… tsst, tsst – a little secret: they’ll be doing a 1-day 20% off promotion in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for growing and shopping.


Photos by Florina Ciupertea. Thank you!