They say red outfits are the dopest of all. I don’t know about that, but red sure is enticing and hot as hell, er… I mean as the weather outside these days. And yet, I never wear it. Well, except on my lips, and in my heart. Ugh… how cheesy was that. Moving on.

The reason I’m seeing red these days has little to do with my state of mind, and what one might be so quick to jump to beefs and madness conclusions and more to do with something else, that I cannot actually reveal yet. Not entirely anyway. Don’t you just love secrets?

What I can tell you, is that for the past few weeks I’ve been: 1) In the most brilliant creative state of mind, putting together moodboards for future blog collabs, taking amazing photos, making beautiful collages, and basically being proved how lucky I am to have a passion for a living.

and 2) I’ve been ‘forced’ to embrace the colour red in all its passionate and sublime meaning, beauty, and fashion statement, hence today’s blogpost.

red-outfits-2 red-outfits-4

A red bag, a red lipstick, a red top, or a red pair of pants, is easy to put on, and to rock anywhere, from work to the beach basically, BUT how about draping yourself in RED? 

What do you think about this sartorial statement? And I wonder, is everyone else easy about wearing head-to-toe red, cause I for one feel panic at the very thought of looking like a walking giant red pepper. Okay, I realise I’m being a drama queen, but that’s no news. What I plan to do though, is scratch everything, step out of my comfort zone, and rock this bloody colour from head to toe. I know I look good in it, so what is keeping me back?

And because I may be anything but un-kind (please observe how full of compliments I am at my own self today) I am sharing with you some of my fave all-red looks. The perfect red outfit is a statement alright, but it’s also empowering and very very sophisticated.

Rules to break and to NOT break when doing red.

Truth be told, you are more than welcome to fuck all the rules, as they’re only mine, so it’s nothing set in stone or anything, BUT I have noticed that a red outfit tends to look more polished and sophisticated if done in a very very simple way.

  • #1 Rule: ditch any other colour. If you’re rocking head to toe red, you’ve already made a choice, so no extra big brights.
  • #2 Rule: keep your shoes simple. Nude, red, black.
  • #3 Rule: makeup wise, you either get super polished (red lips, perfect makeup on), OR you do the effortless au-natural style.

And now the pics of those fab sartorials doing it puuuuuurfectly.


red-outfits-5 red-outfits-6 red-outfits-7 red-outfits-8 red-outfits-9 red-outfits-10 red-outfits-11 red-summer-looks-1

Paris Fashion Week September 2011, Caroline Sieber

Paris Fashion Week September 2011, Caroline Sieber

red-summer-looks-3 red-summer-looks-4 red-summer-looks-5 red-summer-looks-6


red-summer-looks-8 red-summer-looks-9 red-summer-looks-10 red-summer-looks-11 red-summer-looks-12 red-summer-looks-14 red-summer-looks-15 red-summer-looks-16

REEEEEEED, here I come. I may have given red the raised eyebrow up to now due to… waking up on the wrong side of the bed, or for lack of red outfits in my life, or who knows. But this is as ready as I’m ever gonna get.