WHY Great Style & Clothes Begin With Good Quality FABRICS!

To the question what makes an outfit great the answer is entirely good quality fabrics. Sure, style matters, and so do a few other fashion factors, but if the fabrics are not great, no hat style tricks can save your wannabe fashionable ass. Truth is great clothes begin with great quality fabrics!

Expensive fabrics are the key to those ‘good’ clothes which lead to sophisticated outfits and evetually make fantastic style. Luxe fabrics have a refined inherit quality to them, so whatever you decide to tailor out of them will probably stand the test of time and class too. #HowStaplesAreBorn

Tissura is a brand that caught my eye in this hunt for great style and those luxe elegant fabrics. I have so many wedding evens to attend this summer that designing my own dresses has crossed my mind. I have a lady-tailor and God knows I’m full of ideas. Truth of the matter is no clothes in the world will ever fit as perfect as 1) tailor made with quality fabrics, and 2) designer clothes, which too mean quality fabrics.

I spent hours browsing though their online fabrics shop and if I could make clothes – damn what a perfect fashion world I’d live in.

Therefore – YES – this shop is the place to drop a few dollars if you’re into great style and great fabrics. Price is per 1 running meter and you also get a short description of the fabric and its best use. Shipping only take s a few days.


What are the FABRICS’ TRENDS to look out for this season?


1.GUCCI Inspired Prints – Tissura Fabrics

They’re so heavy, busy, and very very dramatic in a feminine way that anything you’ll tailor out of them will look fantastic. I adore tiny prints scattered over some see-throghh or dense fabric, coloured but kinda of desaturated tones of pink, retro green, and dusted blues. They make amazing dresses and skirts.

2. LACE Tissura Fabrics

Nothing in the world will ever beat lace. I wasn’t a fan until recently but I wore a lace dress a few years ago and its texture, so luxe and expensive, converted me instantly. Lace is a perfect choice for dresses and expensive tops. It’s great for the cold season but with a bit of style and luck you can pull of the look in summer as well. White and black lace is still the best colour pick.

3. FLORAL Fabrics a la Tissura

Everyone knows them and everyone loves them. What I love about Tissura more specifically is the infinite styles of floral fabrics they have. Big, small, busy. scattered, vibrant, muted, dramatic, dainty – a fabric for all tastes. And they stand so in line with all the runway trends out there that it’s really a perfect marriage of fashion forward and class.

4. SILK Fabrics

So pretentious yet so very sexy and elegant. Everyone these days is about nudes and creamy tones of whites and light greys and pinks and taupe that when you chose to buy silk you either go for the classic black or red OR you decide to buy silk in all the nudes so you can have sophisticated clothes that resemble luxurious and glam nightgowns, and fluid pyjamas, and red-caret dresses a la Old Hollywood. I am hooked on silk fabrics. The only downside to them is how flawless you need to be cause they really are unforgiving to the least amount of un-perfect skin.

You’ll also be so pleasantly surprised to see they also sell classic cotton for shirts – with all the crazy shirt trend going on at the moment -, and jacquard, and taffeta. Whatever your personal tailor has in mind, or you are on the look out for, chances are they’ll have it, and you’ll love it.


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