For a person who’s cup of tea is not made up of too psychedelic things and closed spaces and weird lights and surreal surroundings in that very claustrophobic way – that day we spent at the Luminarium at Sziget Festival was not too bad.

In fact, what had started as a long line of people, followed by a first feeling of claustrophobia (hello maze + coloured lights that can mess with your mind and vision if you’re prone to closed spaces) ended up being a very interesting (for lack of better word) experience. Could have had something to do with us turning it all into a tiny photoshoot?! Read those bloody egocentric bastards who’ve got a too big head fro them to carry and gotta make it all about themselves.


It was two Saturdays ago when Muse took the Main Stage at Sziget Festival, in a hot afternoon when we were trying to kill sometime and see what else besides music, food and drinks you can do, daytime at Sziget. So we went to the Luminarium.

That’s the backstory and these are the photos by


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Photos by Cosmin Straut.

Have a great weekend loves.