Fairytale Prom Dresses. How to Pick the Right One

There are girls who believe in fairytales and girls who don’t. The latter have the upper hand though and know damn well the only real thing about a fairytale is the bloody dress. Rest of it is a bunch of bollocks for gullibles who’ve read one too many… uhm… fairytales.

Pardon my sarcasm, it just comes with a combination of brains and reality. Be that as it may, my heart does drop a little and it does skip a beat when it comes to that part of fairytales that involves fashion. The dress, the shoes, the hair, the clinging of the champagne glasses, the cheeky smiles. I couldn’t give a shit about the man saving the woman with his white fucking horse and carriage, cause when we have our own horses and carriages and hustle for our own dreams and love stories, I’ll be damned if we’ll not be draped in the best gowns ever.

Once the hot season arrives it’s all about prom dresses and cocktail parties, and outdoor weddings – you know 2016 versions of fairytales. The sartorial fairytale. Billions of years ago, when I had my prom I was obsessed with prom dresses and what I’d wear that night, so of course I went above and beyond for what I thought was the perfect dress. And it was. I went for classic black, and I am very proud of myself for that actually.

prom-dresses-sherrylondon prom dresses

Today I’m not a prom attender anymore (thank God), but adult life comes with other engagements: weddings, cocktails, events channeling red carpet fashion situations etc.  – which too require some versions of black prom dresses for example.

So the shopping for evening dresses hasn’t stopped, if anything it got more hectic and redundant, but when you come across certain brands like – Sherrylondon – for example you realise that finding the perfect short prom dresses or red prom dresses is fun! They have a packed online shop of fab evening dresses that are very very very much red carpet inspired.


How to pick the right dress for evening events?

If you’re going to the prom pick a dress that’s fun, that allows you to dance, to move, and make sure it screams you and youth. It can be sexy, flirty, seductive, or classic. Whatever you go for don’t stray too much from yourself, as it’s a night when you want to have fun, and feel amazing and comfy doing so.

Classic red or black or nude mermaid dresses are a great choice, so are short prom dresses, or A-Line cuts that allow you to move and dance.

Keep the hair simple, and have fun with makeup.


If the event in question is a cocktail party pick simple dresses, not too long, not too dramatic, but classic or sophisticated. Go for intricate backs, for luxurious good quality fabrics, for classic cuts.

prom-dresses-6 prom-dresses-7

If you’re a wedding guest or the event is more formal, bigger, more like a black-tie gathering then you gotta go over the top a little bit, in long evening dresses, with perfect cuts, maybe a train, a few razzmatazz details, but balance the luxury with minimalism and don’t do too much. Good taste is key.

evening-prom-dresses prom-dresses-3

Whatever the occasion or the personal style the dress must speak volumes about yourself and the occasion you’re attending. It also must be comfortable, it has to feel good on your back, not too hot in summer, not too tight, the right fit, the right fabric and it’s gotta make you feel like a star.


prom-dresses-5 mlong-prom-dresses  prom-dresses-1 prom-dresses-9 prom-dresses-8 prom.dresses prom-dresses-2

Other than that have fun.That’s what any event is about. Sort of. Wear a smile, chat with friends, cheers all night on champagne… live *your* version of the fairytale.

Have a fab week my loves.