6 Major Prints To Wear In 2017: How Are They Any Different From Past Prints?

A very long time ago prints were all over the place, and Olivia Palermo was the queen of prints alongside Blake Lively and the Gossip Girl squad. To be honest prints were the one style gimmick you could pull off and get away with being a slob, or a fashion ignoramus. Fashion Week streets were like a bloody circus of flowers mixed with fruits, and forests, and stripes, and anything you could think of really.

It was the era of marvellous kitsch. Even if you had no idea what to wear or what style even meant for you, all you had to do was pick a floral top and mix it with some stripe pants, throw a floral jacket on top, some bright heels on, and maybe 26 more things you can grab on your way out to wherever it is you were going, just to make sure you nailed that chaos on your back, you know?

The damned circus is over people, so say your amens and move on. If you didin’t do the busy chaotic mess back in the day, circa 2012 good for you.

Don’t do it now.

What you can do now is be the grown up that you are supposed to be. (right.)

How are 2017 PRINTS different? 

Like you and like me (well maybe not so much like me) they’re grown up. Sure they’ve lost their wild loud side BUT they’re more polished and somehow they make more sense. You know?

Prints in 2017 are more graphic and tamed but not in a boring way. Flowers, big or small for example tend to me more Gucci inspired rather than those very photoshopped tacky cute big bold floral decors of the past. Everything is more minimal without losing any of its inherent print loudness. And everything has a touch of retro or futuristic vibe to it.

Mixing and matching is still okay as long as it doesn’t look too 2012 and cicurs-y. Things are more low key print wise, and if you’re gonna do over the top stick to Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.

What are the hottest prints of 2017?

Irony is, with the exception of a few it’s all a sartorial cycle of the same old same old. But they look better.



3. LOGO Love




How to wear prints in 2017?

Prints these days exist somewhere between 2017 and the rebel, glam, ghetto, cool, kitsch and retro times of the 90s, 80s, and 70s. It’s fine to mix them and match them, but don’t get too carried away. The major IT moment of prints in 2017 is its minimalism. Pair them with solid colour pieces and make that one print item you wear a statement piece.

Prints look amazing paired with white pieces, and denim.

They also have a more latin and Spanish vibe to them, even Sicilian style – a retro summer in Italy a la Sophia Loren kinda of printed summer dresses for example.

Everything is more in tune with the past yet is very modern but not too funky.

Stripes look amazing for office days, and florals are perfect for casual dates. But there are no rules.

Where to shop prints from?

The best pieces still come in florals and stripes. My faves below: