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Printed bottom…Yes or no??

Printed trousers or leggings are a huge trend this year, we’ve seen them during winter, worn with oversized sweaters and ankle boots and we’ll see them also during the warm season. The problem is how to wear this clothing item without looking ridiculous. Yes, it’s not so easy to pull out a nice outfit if your starting point  is a pair of colorful printed trousers. First of all, you should forget about  mixing prints if you don’t want to look like you’re wearing your pijamas. One of the best methods to avoid the pijama look is to wear high heels, especially if you wear the loose type of trousers. You can add a simple t-shirt and a denim jacket, a look you’ll see in the pictures below and your spring outfit is ready. Another useful advice would be to wear large prints if you are tall and smaller prints if you are a petite. ;)

You can choose from a variety of prints, tribal print, flower print, animal print, tie-dye print… and the list goes on…. and find the one you like most.

Remember one of the latest articles about black & white? Here are some nice trousers having this must have colour combination. Add a bright element to an apparently boring two colors outfit and there will be no one as up-to-date as you are…black & white, neon and printed bottom, a look to go for ;)



And of course, how could we forget about the tribal print?


We were used to see flower prints on blouses, t-shirt…anyway, on the upper part of an outfit. Check out how good this flower print pants look mixed with other monochrome clothing items.




I admit that printed trousers are not my thing, but if I would have to choose a pair, I would definitely go for a loose type to wear with high heels. This way you can pull together an outfit to wear during day or even night, if add some accessories and a big clutch.




I could never leave out of an article the animal print, it’s one of my favorites and if you know how to wear it it gives you a sexy look without putting a lot of make up on, spending two hours in front of the mirror trying some sophisticated hair styles…you just have to wear some high heels and a red lipstick ;) Try it when you have to be at your best in no time and you’ll see how well that works.


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