Pregnancy Style: Non-Maternity Dresses!

If I had a dime for every time I heard ‘just wait till your pregnant’, I’d probably be half rich. (some of those were true). For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram – YES, I’m pregnant with a little baby girl, and we’re really happy and blessed and excited for all this to be happening. Yay! Pregnancy style wise I was clueless. Like legit had no idea what to expect, what I should wear, will I need to buy new clothes, as in new wardrobe? Let me tell you this: it all depends on your little baby bump and your body. Each woman is different, each body embraces pregnancy in a different way, all equally beautiful… so you just need to wait and see, and play fashion as you grow you know.

However… I always thought when it came to pregnancy style – dresses were the best way to style the bump, and to this day I could’t agree more. I’m a huge fan of simple midi dresses, bodycon inspired but not Herve Lerger’ish, just more casual and daytime like, easy to dress up or down, with a style that hugs the body so it’s easy to stretch without pressing your belly, yet comfy enough to hug your new curves.

Prior to carrying this little baby girl, the reason behind my hypothetical pregnancy style choice: dresses was pure style crush. I loved how pregnant women looked in fitted comfy dresses. Now… while I still adore this pregnancy style, I also find wearing dresses easier and more practical.

Ya’ll… jeans don’t fit around the bump anymore, and I’m still debating whether or not I should invest in a maternity style, or just keep using the DIY hair-elastic trick?


So my pregnancy style up to now has been quite boring, but at the same time quite easy to dress around, cause the bump is cute and small. Being winter and freezing comfort takes style… so that too took a toll on my love for fashion. However I’m kinda happy that I’m starting to show… so now I can dress like I’m pregnant, not fat. And I am craving dresses.

Pregnancy style: what dresses to wear?

The best part about wearing dresses when you’re pregnant is that they don’t really have to be maternity style and you can still use a lot of your fave pieces. The key is a stretch soft material, a fitted or loose cut and loads of fun with pairing it with either more casual or sporty attire, OR more polished and elegant depending on where you’re off to.

  • midi fitted dresses
  • mini dresses
  • jersey dresses
  • knit dresses
  • long-sleeve dresses
  • baby-doll dresses
  • maxi dresses
  • shirt dresses
  • cocktail dresses
  • bodycon dresses
  • floral dresses

How to wear dresses for a perfect pregnancy style?

After you’ve checked the comfy box all you’re left with is what literally fits you and then what fits your style. Personally I love love love the casual chic pregnancy style.

Tip: a midi dress paired with sneakers and a light parka or trench-coat. Sunglasses, and a cross body bag or even a tote and you’re done. Think Kourtney Kardashian pregnancy style.

For a more boho chic style go for maxi dresses.

Tip: all black outfit – maxi black dress that hugs the body and the bump, flat sandals and a pair of massive black sunglasses. 

For a cute girly style go for baby doll midi or mini dresses.

Tip: pair a ruffled off the shoulder baby blue baby doll mini dress with pockets, with a pair of wedges, sneakers, ballet flats, sandals (insert fave shoe) and a cute bag. Think Candice Swanepoel.

For a sexier vibe or an evening date, an event, a cocktail – think celebrities.

Tip: choose monochromatic styles in fitted midi dresses, pair them with cute heels and maybe even a fab duster over. Perfection. Think Chrissy Teigen or Kim Kardashian pregnancy style.

For more inspo and way way way more cute looks than the 4 styles above here’s street style inspiration:


Get the look:


Have a great day everyone and an amazing 2018!

xoxo D.