Should We Bring The POWER-SUIT Back?

Yaasss. Yaasss. Yaasss. Man, if I had a quid for every time I say ‘yas’ IRL as well as virtually, or on my head, Bill Gates would have nothing on me. Well, perhaps a few dimes here and there. There’s the amount of usage YAS has in my case, and also the constant in-my-mind debate whether it should be capital-letters or not, how many Ss, how many As is should have. Maaaaan the problems I have these days. It’s a hard life I tell you.

Right. *insert wishful thinking here*

It’s not by accident I’m posing a question in the title today. It’s cause I want us to chat about this:seriously, should we make a case for power suits?

These days it’s all about layers, and sophistication, and chaotic chicness, and skirts with tops, and blazers with jeans. Are we really too caught up in being fashionistas that we let the simple yet incredibly strong-statement power-suit slide through our sartorial fingers way to easily?

We have all the perfect circumstance to bring it back: the prevalence of personal style over trends these days, AND the comeback of anything that’s past 2000’s.

Also I woke up flawless chilly this morning, which made me realise it’s actually way past summer, and although we cheat our way into warm weather and summer’ish clothes, soon we gon’ need serious autumn attire. All. The. Time. Including the office hours.

And then somewhere between this dreamy state, my girls-run-the-world-mantra, my fashion-obsession-but-never-chasing-trends-trait, and the pure need to dress different and do something that few are doing in terms of style (I’m still ugh about all the uniformity and imitation going on these days), it hit me: the past. the past. the past has always been a fabulous source of inspiration.


power-suit-style-power-suits-looks power-suit-style-power-suits

The POWER SUIT. Though it’s a style staple of the 80s it’s also the ONE piece that remained a staple over time, once us women got a hold of it. It’s got so many designs, styles, cuts, ways of wearing it, of styling it, that it is the most versatile piece ever. I also happen to think it’s the most professional. The most clean. The boldest. The most badass choice out there.

Of course there are a few things worth mentioning about the power suit style. This staple is a fantastic way to look like a million bucks. BUT it’s also a risqué way to look bland, stiff, lacking in fashion-creativity, and style. How to avoid this? Here are a few points:

  • avoid the 2000s power suit inspired styles and looks. No low rinse. No short blazers. Unless of course cheap and hooker-attire is what we’re going for. Then it’s fine.
  • go for classic cuts that will look good over time. Somewhere between 80s 90s and retro cringed waists.
  • high waisted pants look best. side pockets do too.
  • great quality fabric is one of the most important things. It makes the suit what it is. Invest in it.
  • have fun with colours, textures, designs: boyfriend inspired sizes and cuts, fitted, classic, edgy, plunging necklines, double breasted blazers, slim pants, loose pants.
  • black and white power suits are the epitome of classic, so when in doubt gor for these. For statements red, blue and green look fab. Nude is a very very elegant choice.
  • evening attire can mean a beautiful tuxedo inspired power suit, bold lips, bold jewellery, stiletto heels, plunging necklines, no blouse underneath.

Let’s have a look at these street stylers and keep in mind that the POWER SUIT is in fact a fantastic fall piece for 2016.


pant-suit-office-looks-3 pant-suit-office-looks-4 pant-suit-office-looks-5 pant-suit-office-looks-6 pant-suit-office-looks-8 pant-suit-office-looks-9 pant-suit-office-looks-10 pant-suit-office-looks-11 pant-suit-office-looks-12 pant-suit-office-looks-14 pant-suit-office-looks-15 pant-suit-office-looks-16 pant-suit-office-looks-17

Paris Fashionweek 2012, Grand Palais, outside Chanel, Hege Aurelie, grey silver suit, jacket

pant-suit-office-looks-19 pant-suit-office-looks-20 power-suit-style-1 power-suit-style-2 power-suit-style-3 power-suit-style-5 power-suit-style-10 power-suit-style-11 power-suit-style-12 power-suit-style-14

Perhaps this power-suit thing is a passing obsession I have, but I’ll see it gets the best of me. It’d be a pity not to. I can feel empowered in it at the very moment (simple tee or blouse underneath), later on in fall with  trench over it, in winter with a fab coat hanging off my shoulders… I’m telling you. I think we’re onto something here.

Get the look with my fave power suits picks for you: