Post-Holidays Fashion: Too Lazy To Give A Fuck.

Yawn. Maybe it’s just me, but have you noticed how after the holidays everyone is in free fashion fall? No? Just think about it: up until Xmas and New Year’s, which btw I hope you enjoyed to the fullest and wish you a fab 2016, the real and virtual worlds are both packed with what to wear infos and articles, bombarding us with sequin looks, and full-on makeups, and shoes, and bags, and dresses to put on and take off for the winter holiday parties.

Now, upon my return from the best winter holiday ever, back at my desk, joyful nonetheless to have started working in 2016, I find myself in a huge free fashion fall. No more www info on what to wear to look a certain way, au contraire everyone is all about detox, and fixing ourselves after presumably having been broken by the holidays. Fair enough. BUT in all this process we kinda have to step out of our birthday suits and try to look human.

What a drag, I know. While I personally am embracing the lazy as fuck fashion, and the free fashion fall, (it does feel fucking fantastic to take a break from it all, doesn’t it?), I do not however wish to be so lazy as to not be able to Instagram a certain moment (I know… how un-shallow right?! judge away though), cause I’m wearing 10 years old clothes that look more homeless than chic.

So here comes the drama, the predicament, and the inherent question? What can one wear after the winter holidays to look human, considering the lazy as fuck mood is lingering, and the penchant for fashion, while it hans’t died, it hasn’t grown much either?

In other words – whether in bed, on the floor, in the kitchen, downstairs, shopping for food, coffee with the girls, wine with friends, office hours – what the hell do we wear on the second weekend of 2016?

bed-looks casual-loungewear-fashion

Uhm… loungewear. A blanket. A massive sheet or duvet that feels incredibly smooth on your silky naked Givenchy scented skin. These days I’m all in the above, and occasionally in my new faves loungewear I found at H&M – a pair of long wide legged silk burgundy pants, and a black silk pyjama. Makes me feel sexy, but comfy, but put together in the most relaxing way ever.

Sometimes I’ll wear my silk robe, or my kimono, and other times I’m in a massive sweater or a pair of comfy cozy sweatpants. It’s all mood oriented. I always coordinate with a cup of coffee, a cup of green tea, or a massive glass of wine. Again, mood depending. Okay, it’s mostly wine. Judge away. Again.

lazy-as-fuck-looks-28 lazy-as-fuck-looks-23 post-holidays-fashion-1

Music is tres importante, so is watching films, and eating loads, up until Monday of course when I hit the gym.

Aaaaanyway, bottom line is, if you’re feeling like looking-like-you’d-never-get-out-of-bed do so. Inside the house… it’s easier with loungewear outfits, and pjs, and blankets, and socks, and sweaters, and your man’s tees and shirts, outside it gets trickier.

Unless of course you slap some heels on, an extra long coat, wrap it and tie in around your waist and go… I dunno, wherever. Carrie Bradshaw style, you know.

For less informal occasions, you have this casual post for inspiration. Key words: jeans, or loose pants, oversized tops (sweaters are the best), a pair of comfy ankle boots, or just your go to sneakers, and a winter coat. Put the extra effort in tiny details: a cheek bronzer, a dainty necklace, maybe bold lips, or a pair of sunglasses.

Until of course you return to your lavish nest, where the sexy bathrobe slash comfy pjs slash birthday suit awaits.

I mean… seriously why bother with polished fashion looks. It ain’t the time, nor the place. It’s the fucking weekend already and lazy is still the code name for the following days. Right?


casual-looks casual-looks-socks lazy-as-fuck-looks-2 lazy-as-fuck-looks-3 lazy-as-fuck-looks-4 lazy-as-fuck-looks-6 lazy-as-fuck-looks-10 lazy-as-fuck-looks-11 lazy-as-fuck-looks-12 lazy-as-fuck-looks-14 lazy-as-fuck-looks-15 lazy-as-fuck-looks-16 lazy-as-fuck-looks-17 lazy-as-fuck-looks-18 lazy-as-fuck-looks-19 lazy-as-fuck-looks-20 lazy-as-fuck-looks-21 lazy-as-fuck-looks-24 lazy-as-fuck-looks-25 lazy-as-fuck-looks-26 lazy-as-fuck-looks-27 lazy-as-fuck-looks-29 lazy-as-fuck-looks-123 lazy-day-looks lazy-fashion post-holiday-looks post-holidays-fashion-2 post-holidays-fashion-3 post-holidays-fashion-4

Of course we could go out and get pissed too… but we can do that in relaxed wear can’t we? Oh just throw on a slip-on dress and a faux fur coat, and bottom’s up. Kate Moss style you know.

Details my loves. Whatever we do, whether it’s films, wines, teas, beds, chills and thrills, pigging out on food, dancing and boozing… enjoy it in whatever the hell you decide to wear.

Have a fab lazy or not-so-lazy weekend!